Malta Cup 2008 A

Drawsheet of groups


06 Dec 2007

World Snooker received an entry form for the Malta Cup from Ronnie O'Sullivan's management company, 110sport, which was accepted in good faith (read on below).

However, there was a misunderstanding between Ronnie and his management and it transpired that Ronnie did not wish to enter the event. Therefore Ronnie O’Sullivan will not appear in the tournament and the next player on the ranking list will be selected as his replacement


30 Nov 2007

The draw for the group stages of the 2008 Malta Cup has been made.

See below for the group draw and scroll down for the match schedule.

Group 1
John Higgins
Joe Perry
Ali Carter
Ryan Day
Alex Borg

Group 2
Ken Doherty
Neil Robertson
Joe Swail
Stephen Lee
Marco Fu

Group 3
Shaun Murphy
Stephen Hendry
Stephen Maguire
Mark Selby
Tony Drago

Group 4
Graeme Dott
Peter Ebdon
Mark Williams
Ding Junhui
Dominic Dale

Monday 4 February 2008

Group 1
John Higgins x Alex Borg (Terry Camilleri) - 6-0
Joe Perry x Ryan Day (Pete Williamson) - 3-3

Group 2
Ken Doherty x Marco Fu (Terry Camilleri) - 4-2
Neil Robertson x Stephen Lee (Pete Williamson) - 5-1

Group 3
Shaun Murphy x Tony Drago (Michaela Tabb) - 6-0
Stephen Hendry x Mark Selby (Eirian Williamson) - 4-2

Group 4
Graeme Dott x Dominic Dale (Michaela Tabb) - 2-4
Peter Ebdon x Ding Junhui (Eirian Williamson) - 2-4

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Group 2
Ken Doherty x Stephe Lee (Jan Verhaas) - 4-2
Joe Swail x Marco Fu (Eirian Williams) - 1-5

Group 3
Stephen Maguire x Tony Drago (Jan Verhaas) - 4-2
Shaun Murphy x Mark Selby (Eirian Williams) - 4-2

Group 4
Graeme Dott x Ding Junhui (Terry Camilleri) - 3-3
Mark Williams x Dominic Dale (Michaela Tabb) - 2-4

Group 1
John Higgins x Ryan Day (Terry Camilleri) - 4-2
Ali Carter x Alex Borg (Ray DeBaptista) - 5-1

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Group 3
Stephen Hendry x Tony Drago (Terry Camilleri) 4-2
Shaun Murphy x Stephen Maguire (Eirian Williams) 4-2

Group 4
Graeme Dott x Mark Williams (Pete Williamson) 2-4
Peter Ebdon x Dominic Dale (Eirian Williams) 2-4

Group 1
Joe Perry x Alex Borg (Ray DeBaptista) - 5-1
John Higgins x Ali Carter (Jan Verhaas) - 3-3

Group 2
Ken Doherty x Joe Swail (Michaela Tabb) - 5-1
Neil Robertson x Marco Fu (Jan Verhaas) - 3-3

Thursday 7 February 2008

Group 4
Mark Williams x Peter Ebdon (Jan Verhaas) - 3-3
Ding Junhui x Dominic Dale (Eirian Williams) - 4-2

Group 1
Joe Perry x Ali Carter (Eirian Williams) - 4-2
Ryan Day x Alex Borg (Ray DeBaptista) - 3-3

Group 2
Neil Robertson x Joe Swail (Terry Camilleri) - 4-2
Stephen Lee x Marco Fu (Michaela Tabb) - 1-5

Group 3
Mark Selby x Tony Drago (Pete Williamson) - 4-2
Stephen Hendry x Stephen Maguire (Terry Camilleri) - 3-3

Friday 8 February 2008

Group 1
John Higgins x Joe Perry (Michaela Tabb) - 5-1
Ali Carter x Ryan Day (Pete Williamson) - 2-4

Group 2
Ken Doherty x Neil Robertson (Michaela Tabb) - 5-1
Joe Swail x Stephen Lee (Pete Williamson) - 1-5

Group 3
Shaun Murphy x Stephen Hendry (Jan Verhaas) - 5-1
Stephen Maguire x Mark Selby (Terry Camilleri) - 3-3

Group 4
Graeme Dott x Peter Ebdon (Terry Camilleri) - 2-4
Mark Williams x Ding Junhui (Jan Verhaas) - 0-6

Saturday 9 February 2008

John Higgins x Ken Doherty (Eirian Williams) - 2-6

Shaun Murphy x Ding Junhui (Jan Verhaas) - 6-5

Sunday 10 February 2008

Final - Ken Doherty x Shaun Murphy (Terry Camilleri) - 2-5
Final - Ken Doherty x Shaun Murphy - 3-9

All matches in the Round Robin stages will be 6 frames, the Semi Finals will be best of 11 frames and the Final will be best of 17 frames (7/10).
Matches will not start before the times indicated on the format. Table numbers for all Round Robin matches will be determined the day before and published by the tournament director.
All matches in Round Robin stages are played on a roll on/roll off basis. Play will start not before the allocated time each day with a 20 minute interval between matches.


06 Nov 2007 12:35:00

World Snooker is delighted to announce that the Malta Cup 2008 will take place in February.

The invitation tournament, staged in association with Snooker Promotions Malta, will feature the world’s top 16 players plus two Maltese wild cards and two more wild cards to be selected by World Snooker.

The event will run from February 4 to 10 at the palatial Hilton Conference Centre in Portomaso, one of the most popular venues on the snooker circuit, which has hosted the tournament every year since 2004.

Ken Doherty, the 2006 Malta Cup champion, said: “This is great news for all the players, I’m thrilled that we haven’t lost this event from the calendar. We love going to Malta – the crowds are great, the atmosphere is superb and the hospitality is second to none.”

Last season’s champion Shaun Murphy added: “It’s fantastic to have another tournament this season. Tournaments in Malta are always well supported and myself and (wife) Clare have a lot of friends there so we are delighted to be going back. I was very proud to win the trophy last year and I’ll be determined to hold on to it.”

A World Snooker spokesman said: "There is such strong support for snooker in Malta and the island has hosted some outstanding tournaments in recent years. The players enjoy going there and it’s important for us to continue to stage events overseas in order to build snooker’s fan base internationally. We’re delighted to be working with Snooker Promotions Malta again and looking forward to the tournament."

Richard Balani, director of Snooker Promotions Malta, said: “We are thrilled to be staging the Malta Cup once again, and we look forward to welcoming the world’s very best snooker players for another top class tournament. I’ve no doubt that the people of Malta will give great support to the event, and from past experience I’m sure that we will have fans from all over Europe coming to watch the action.”

Tickets will be available online from from the December 1 2007, as well as facilities to book full travel packages for the event, including flights, hotels, airport transfer and tickets.



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