Ronnie On the Spot

Ronnie O'Sullivan On the Spot
13 November
The Rocket reveals how he loves Blackpool - where he first started his professional snooker career - if he would give snooker up for American 8 Ball and that he's a big fan of Lily Savage! We put him On the Spot at Preston's Guild Hall...

What’s your favourite Lancashire town?

Where have you been out in Preston?
I went to a Chinese restaurant last night by the Guild Hall.

Best mate on the circuit?
Jimmy White

Do you ever play for money?

What cue do you play with at the moment?
John Parris cue.

Do you regret giving your cue away?
Not one bit. I much prefer the cue I play with now.

Ever miss the early days – holiday camps and Pro-ams?
Not really because playing in arenas is the business. I do miss the regularity of the Pro-Am circuit though. There were tournaments all the time - always an event to look forward to.

Do you get fed up of staying in hotels?
Not really. I don't mind staying in hotels for a couple of nights but a week is different.

How do you keep from getting bored between matches?
I keep myself busy - play sport, go to the gym, reading.

You’ve been playing in American Pool tournaments. What do you prefer – snooker, 8 Ball or 9 Ball?
I really love American 8 Ball - it's more fun. Snooker can be intense and drawn out in comparison. If you're in a scrappy match you can feel like chopping your head off! I've played 9 Ball but I'm not as keen on that as American 8 Ball.

Will you ever give up playing snooker for American Pool?
It all depends. If snooker becomes barren then possibly. I enjoy snooker but I'm not as driven as I was - but don't get me wrong I still like winning.

Have you found the transition easy?
No. I've found it very hard. I need to work on my break. But I think given six months I fancy my chances of winning a tournament.

Who do you practice with at snooker and pool?
I don't practice much at snooker. I play with my mate giving him 80 start. I've practiced a bit with Raj Hundal and Mika Immonen.

Have you changed your action for American Pool?
No, not for the International Pool Tour events as the cloth is similar to snooker.

Which other celebrities do you hang out with?
I don't really hang out with celebrities that much. Ian Poulter and Ronnie Wood.

What's the coolest party you been invited to?
It's got to be Ronnie Wood's 50th.

What paper do you read?
The Ilford Recorder. That's because it's all good news in there.

Do you read tabloid stories about yourself?
Not anymore. I used to.

If you were stuck on a desert island who would you want with you?
Dale Winton, no actually Paul O'Grady!

What three things would you take with you?
My snooker cue, running trainers and my daughter Lily!



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