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What your last dream was about?
Peter Ebdon making a 147 in 5min 19 secs, it was a nightmare

What is your favourite book?
Howard Hughes , The aviator man
the rivalry its fantastic

Who is the most difficult player to defeat?
Hendry or Higgins

When did you first know your were going to be a champion?
Snooker become my life when I was 14, becoming a champion, well, thats tough, when I made my break through in the UK Champs when I was 17

What is your favourite kind of music?
The Stones

What is your favourite colour?

In February, gave its readers the chance to send in a question for Ronnie O’Sullivan. Fans from around the globe responded, and here the world No 1 gives his answers…

What was your favourite subject at school?
Aleksandra Cimbale
Riga, Latvia
Ronnie says: Even when I was at school I knew that I wanted to play snooker professionally so I found it hard to get into studying when all I wanted to do was practise. I could never really concentrate in lessons. Saying that, I have always liked playing football so I guess that was my favourite subject if that counts

You hold several snooker records and you have said in the past that records are there to be broken. But do you think anyone could beat 5 minutes and 20 seconds for a maximum 147?
Eric Willemsen
Vienna, Austria
Ronnie says: I think it’s going to be pretty tricky but I reckon one day someone might give it a go, the balls were pretty perfect that day so I think it will be hard. It’s not impossible though, I may break it myself, you never know, I’ll certainly have a go if I think it’s on.

If you were only allowed one last snooker match, who would you play and why?
Gavin York
Ronnie says: Stephen Hendry without a doubt

What matters more to you, winning or playing well?
Nathan Hughes
Llanharan, South Wales
Ronnie says: Both. I get frustrated sometimes when I am not playing as well as I know I can do better but I also love winning matches. The best thing is to be playing well and winning matches.

Would you ever follow in the footsteps of Dennis Taylor, and take part in a reality TV show?
Caroline McAuslan
Ronnie says: It would really depend on what the programme is about and who else you are with. I don’t think I could do a Big Brother but I love watching it.

How long did it take you to make your first 50 break and your first century?
Barry Loughnane
Galway, Ireland
Ronnie says: I was eight when I made my first 50 break and ten when I made my first century

Which match or tournament in your career has given you the most satisfaction and pride in your performance?
Inessa Sutyrko,
Minsk, Belarus
Ronnie says: Beating Stephen Hendry in the European Open final in 2003.

Do you have any techniques for keeping calm under pressure?
Richard Lewis, Malta
Ronnie says: There’s no real technique as such, I just try to concentrate on the balls and block everything else out of my mind. I think I am pretty relaxed at the big moments compared to some of the other guys, I find it quite natural to stay calm.

What is your next hairstyle going to be, and would you ever wear a moustache?
Joachim Brandt
Kirkkonummi, Finland
Ronnie says: I think I will keep the hair as it is now for a while. I have gone for the long hair and the skinhead too so I have tried everything. A moustache? It’s not something I have ever thought about, I don’t think it would really suit me to be honest – so no is the answer.

What are you thinking about when you’re sitting in your chair waiting for a chance?
Christian Gulbrandsen
Oslo, Norway
Ronnie says: It depends on the match. Sometimes all I think about is what the other player is up to, whether they are struggling or not, whether their positioning is spot on and whether I am going to get another chance. Other times I find it easier to think about other things outside the game.

What is the best thing about being a professional snooker player?
Ellie Fox, Essex
Ronnie says: The best thing for me is earning a living from the sport I love, it’s as simple as that really. There’s not many people out there who make money from their hobby so I am pretty lucky really. I still get a buzz every time I have a big match.

If you could play another sport professionally, which would it be?
Alex Parkin, Exeter
Ronnie says: I always liked playing football and I was a decent player when I was younger. I still play for the Arsenal celebrity team every so often and it was great to get the chance to play at Highbury. Yes – it would definitely be football. Or maybe golf!



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