World Cup 2011*

Format of play

World Cup Format

28th June 2011
Click the link below for the format for the PTT-EGAT World Cup in Thailand, which runs from July 11-17.

PTT-EGAT Snooker World Cup 2011

The first matches listed are on table one, the second listed are on table two but television will be able to choose what match they are broadcasting.

Monday, July 11
1pm Group A - Pakistan 3-2 Republic of Ireland
Muhammad Sajjad lost to Ken Doherty
Sahid Aftab beat Fergal O'Brien
Doubles - Pakistan beat Republic of Ireland
Sahid Aftab beat Ken Doherty
Muhammad Sajjad lost to Fergal O'Brien

Group D - Thailand 2 3-2 Afghanistan
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beat Mohammad Rais
Passakorn Sunwannawat lost to Mohammad Saleh
Doubles - Thailand beat Afghanistan
Passakorn Sunwannawat lost to Mohammad Rais
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beat Mohammad Saleh

then Group C - Brazil 3-2 Belgium
Noel Rodrigues lost to Bjorn Haneveer
Fabio Luersen lost to Luca Brecel
Doubles - Brazil lost to Belgium
Fabio Luersen beat Bjorn Haneveer
Noel Rodrigues lost to Luca Brecel

Group D - Hong Kong 2-3 Poland
Marco Fu lost to Kacper Filpiak
Fung Kwok Wai lost to Krzysztof Wrobel
Doubles - Hong Kong lost to Poland
Fung Kwok Wai beat Kacper Filpiak
Marco Fu beat Krzysztof Wrobel

7pm - Group B - Thailand 1 1-4 Australia
James Wattana lost to Neil Robertson
Dechawat Poomjaeng beat Steve Mifsud
Doubles - Thailand lost to Australia
James Wattana lost to Steve Mifsud
Dechawat Poomjaeng lost to Neil Robertson

Group C - India 1-4 Northern Ireland
Pankav Advani lost to Gerard Greene
Aditya Mehta lost to Mark Allen
Doubles - India lost to Northern Ireland
Pankav Advani lost to Mark Allen
Aditya Mehta beat Gerard Greene

then Group A - Egypt 3-2 Germany
Yaser Elsherbiny v Lasse Munstermann
Wael Talat v Patrick Einsle
Doubles - Egypt v Germany
Wael Talat v Lasse Munstermann
Yaser Elsherbiny beat Patrick Einsle

Group B - China 3-2 Malta
Ding Junhui lost to Tony Drago
Liang Wenbo beat Alex Borg
Doubles - China beat Malta
Liang Wenbo lost to Tony Drago
Ding Junhui beat Alex Borg

Tuesday, July 12
1pm Group B - Malta 2-3 Australia
Tony Drago beat Neil Robertson
Alex Borg lost to Steve Mifsud
Doubles - Malta beat Australia
Tony Drago lost to Steve Mifsud
Alex Borg lost to Neil Robertson

Group C - India 3-2 Belgium
Pankav Advani lost to Luca Brecel
Aditya Mehta beat Bjorn Haneveer
Doubles - India lost to Belgium
Aditya Mehta beat Luca Brecel
Pankav Advani beat Bjorn Haneveer

then Group A - Pakistan 2-3 Germany
Sahid Aftab lost to Patrick Einsle
Muhammad Sajjad lost to Lasse Munstermann
Doubles - Pakistan beat Germany
Sahid Aftab lost to Lasse Munstermann
Muhammad Sajjad beat Patrick Einsle

Group C - England 4-1 Brazil
Mark Selby beat Fabio Luersen
Ali Carter beat Noel Rodrigues
Doubles - England lost to Brazil
Mark Selby
beat Noel Rodrigues
Ali Carter beat Fabio Luersen

7pm Group A - Wales 5-0 Egypt
Mark Williams beat Yaser Elsherbiny
Matthew Stevens beat Wael Talat
Doubles - Wales beat Egypt
Mark Williams beat Wael Talat
Matthew Stevens beat Yaser Elsherbiny

Group D - Scotland 3-2 Poland
John Higgins lost to Kacper Filipiak
Stephen Maguire beat Krzysztof Wrobel
Doubles - Scotland beat Poland
John Higgins beat Krzysztof Wrobel
Stephen Maguire lost to Kacper Filipiak

then Group B - Thailand 1 4-1 UAE
James Wattana beat Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab
Dechawat Poomjaeng beat Mohammad al Joaker
Doubles - Thailand lost to UAE
James Wattana beat Mohammad al Joaker
Dechawat Poomjaeng beat Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab

Group D - Afghanistan 2-3 Hong Kong
Mohammad Rais beat Marco Fu
Mohammed Saleh lost to Fung Kwok Wai
Doubles - Afghanistan lost to Hong Kong
Mohammad Rais beat Fung Kwok Wai
Mohammad Saleh lost to Marco Fu

Wednesday, July 13
1pm Group A - Egypt 1-4 Republic of Ireland
Wael Talat beat Ken Doherty
Yaser Elsherbiny lost to Fergal O'Brien
Doubles - Egypt lost to Republic of Ireland
Wael Talat lost to Fergal O'Brien
Yaser Elsherbiny lost to Ken Doherty

Group C - Brazil 1-4 Northern Ireland
Fabio Leursen lost to Mark Allen
Noel Rodrigues lost to Gerard Greene
Doubles - Brazil lost to Northern Ireland
Fabio Leursen lost to Gerard Greene
Noel Rodrigues beat Mark Allen

then Group B - Thailand 1 2-3 Malta
James Wattana beat Tony Drago
Dechawat Poomjaeng lost to Alex Borg
Doubles - Thailand 1 lost to Malta
James Wattana lost to Alex Borg
Dechawat Poomjaeng beat Tony Drago

Group D - Scotland 4-1 Afghanistan
John Higgins beat Mohammad Rais
Stephen Maguire beat Mohammad Salem
Doubles - Scotland beat Afghanistan
John Higgins lost to Mohammed Salem
Stephen Maguire beat Mohammad Rais

7pm Group B - China 3-2 UAE
Ding Junhui lost to Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab
Liang Wenbo beat Mohammad Al Joaker
Doubles - China lost to UAE
Ding Junhui beat Mohammad Al Joaker
Liang Wenbo beat Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab

Group C - England 3-2 Belgium
Mark Selby beat Bjorn Haneveer
Ali Carter lost to Luca Brecel
Doubles - England beat Belgium
Mark Selby beat Luca Brecel
Ali Carter lost to Bjorn Haneveer

then Group A - Wales 3-2 Germany
Mark Williams beat Patrick Einsle
Matthew Stevens lost to Lasse Munstermann
Doubles - Wales beat Germany
Mark Williams beat Lasse Munstermann
Matthew Stevens lost to Patrick Einsle

Group D - Thailand 2 1-4 Hong Kong
Passakorn Suwannawat beat Marco Fu
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh lost to Fung Kwok Wai
Doubles - Thailand 2 lost to Hong Kong
Passakorn Suwannawat lost to Fung Kwok Wai
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh lost to Marco Fu

Thursday, July 14
1pm - Group B - UAE 0-5 Malta
Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab lost to Tony Drago
Mohammad Al Joaker lost to Alex Borg
Doubles - UAE lost to Malta
Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab lost to Alex Borg
Mohammad Al Joaker lost to Tony Drago

Group C - Belgium 2-3 Northern Ireland
Bjorn Haneveer lost to Mark Allen
Luca Brecel lost to Gerard Greene
Doubles - Belgium beat Northern Ireland
Bjorn Haneveer lost to Gerard Greene
Luca Brecel beat Mark Allen

then - Group A - Wales 3-2 Pakistan
Mark Williams beat Sahid Aftab
Matthew Stevens beat Muhammad Sajjad
Doubles - Wales beat Pakistan
Mark Williams lost to Muhammad Sajjad
Matthew Stevens lost to Sahid Aftab

Group D - Poland 1-4 Afghanistan
Kacper Filipiak beat Mohammad Rais
Krzysztof Wrobel lost to Mohammad Salem
Doubles - Poland lost to Afghanistan
Kacper Filipiak lost to Mohammad Salem
Krzysztof Wrobel lost to Mohammad Rais

7pm - Group B - China 3-2 Australia
Ding Junhui lost to Neil Robertson
Liang Wenbo beat Steve Mifsud
Doubles - China beat Australia
Ding Junhui beat Steve Mifsud
Liang Wenbo lost to Neil Robertson

Group C - England 4-1 India
Mark Selby beat Aditya Mehta
Ali Carter beat Pankav Advani
Doubles - England lost to India
Mark Selby beat Pankav Advani
Ali Carter beat Aditya Mehta

then Group A - Germany 2-3 Republic of Ireland
Patrick Einsle beat Ken Doherty
Lasse Munstermann lost to Fergal O'Brien
Doubles - Germany lost to Republic of Ireland
Patrick Einsle beat Fergal O'Brien
Lasse Munstermann lost to Ken Doherty

Group D - Scotland 3-2 Thailand 2
John Higgins lost to Passakorn Suwannawat
Stephen Maguire beat Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Scotland lost to Thailand 2
John Higgins
beat Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
Stephen Maguire beat Passakorn Suwannawat

Friday, July 15

1pm - Group B - UAE 1-4 Australia
Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab lost to Neil Robertson
Mohammad Al Joaker lost to Steve Mifsud
Doubles - UAE lost to Australia
Mohammad Mustaffa Shehab beat Steve Mifsud
Mohammad Al Joaker lost to Neil Robertson

Group C - Brazil 1-4 India
Fabio Luersen lost to Aditya Mehta
Noel Rodrigues lost to Pankav Advani
Doubles - Brazil lost to India
Fabio Luersen lost to Pankav Advani
Noel Rodrigues beat Aditya Mehta

then Group A - Egypt 2-3 Pakistan
Wael Talat beat Sahid Aftab
Yaser Elsherbiny lost to Muhammad Sajjad
Doubles - Egypt beat Pakistan
Wael Talat lost to Muhammad Sajjad
Yaser Elsherbiny lost to Sahid Aftab

Group D - Thailand 2 4-1 Poland
Passakorn Sunwannawat beat Kacper Filipiak
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beat Krzysztof Wrobel
Doubles - Thailand 2 lost to Poland
Passakorn Sunwannawat beat Krzstof Wrobel
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beat Kacper Filipiak

7pm - Group A - Wales 3-2 Republic of Ireland
Mark Williams beat Ken Doherty
Matthew Stevens beat Fergal O'Brien
Doubles - Wales lost to Republic of Ireland
Mark Williams beat Fergal O'Brien
Matthew Stevens lost to Ken Doherty

Group D - Scotland 3-2 Hong Kong
John Higgins beat Marco Fu
Stephen Maguire beat Fung Kwok Wai
Doubles - Scotland lost to Hong Kong
John Higgins beat Fung Kwok Wai
Stephen Maguire lost to Marco Fu

then Group B - Thailand 1 v China
James Wattana lost to Ding Junhui
Dechawat Poomjaeng lost to Liang Wenbo
Doubles - Thailand 1 beat China
James Wattana lost to Liang Wenbo
Dechawat Poomjaeng lost to Ding Junhui

Group C - England 3-2 Northern Ireland
Mark Selby beat Mark Allen
Ali Carter lost to Gerard Greene
Doubles - England lost to Northern Ireland
Mark Selby beat Gerard Greene
Ali Carter beat Mark Allen

Saturday, July 16
1pm - Two quarter-finals
Republic of Ireland 1-4 China
Ken Doherty lost to Ding Junhui
Fergal O'Brien lost to Liang Wenbo
Republic of Ireland beat China 
Fergal O'Brien lost to Ding Junhui
Ken Doherty lost to Liang Wenbo
Republic of Ireland x China

Wales 4-2 Australia
Mark Williams beat Neil Robertson 
Matthew Stevens beat Steve Mifsud 
Wales lost to Australia
Mark Williams beat Steve Mifsud
Matthew Stevens lost to Neil Robertson
Wales beat Australia

then the other two quarter-finals
England 3-4 Hong Kong
Mark Selby lost to Marco Fu
Ali Carter beat Fung Kwok Wai
Doubles - England lost to Hong Kong
Mark Selby beat Fung Kwok Wai
Ali Carter beat Marco Fu
Doubles - England lost to Hong Kong
Captains pick - Mark Selby lost to Marco Fu

Scotland 3-4 Northern Ireland
John Higgins lost to Mark Allen
Stephen Maguire lost to Gerard Greene
Doubles - Scotland beat Northern Ireland
John Higgins beat Gerard Greene
Stephen Maguire lost to Mark Allen
Doubles - Scotland beat Northern Ireland
Captains pick - John Higgins lost to Mark Allen

Sunday, July 17

1pm - One semi-final
Wales 1-4 China
Mark Williams lost to Ding Junhui
Matthew Stevens beat Liang Wenbo
Wales lost to China
Mark Williams lost to Liang Wenbo
Matthew Stevens lost to Ding Junhui

Hong Kong 3-4 Northern Ireland
Marco Fu lost to Mark Allen
Fung Kwok Wai lost to Gerard Greene
Hong Kong beat Norther Ireland 
Marco Fu lost to Gerard Greene
Fung Kwok Wai beat Mark Allen 
Hong Kong beat Northern Ireland 
Marco Fu lost to Mark Allen

9.30pm - Final
China 4-2 Northern Ireland
Ding Junhui beat Mark Allen
Liang Wenbo beat Gerard Greene
China beat Northern Ireland
Ding Junhui lost to Gerard Greene
Liang Wenbo lost to Mark Allen
China beat Northern Ireland

Each match consists of five frames and all frames will be played

League phase
Match 1 (player 1 vs player 1)
Match 2 (player 2 vs player 2)
Match 3 (doubles - alternate shots)
Match 4 (player 1 vs player 2)
Match 5 (player 2 vs player 1)
Knock-out stages
Match 1 (player 1 vs player 1)
Match 2 (player 2 vs player 2)
Match 3 (doubles - alternate shots)
Match 4 (player 1 vs player 2)
Match 5 (player 2 vs player 1)
Match 6 (double - alternate shots)
Match 7 (singles - captains nominate players)


World Cup Draw

13th June 2011
The draw for the PTT-EGAT Snooker World Cup took place in Bangkok on June 13.

Here are the groups:

Group A


Group B

Thailand 1

Group C
Northern Ireland

Group D
Thailand 2
Hong Kong

The 20 teams will be drawn into four groups of five, for the event which runs from July 11-17 in Bangkok, Thailand. The top two in each group go through to the quarter-finals. Each match will include singles and doubles frames. The teams are as follows:

Top eight seeds:

1. Wales: Mark Williams and Matthew Stevens
2. Scotland: John Higgins and Stephen Maguire
3. England: Mark Selby and Ali Carter
4. China: Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo
5. Australia: Neil Robertson and Steve Mifsud
6. Northern Ireland: Mark Allen and Gerard Greene
7. Hong Kong: Marco Fu and Fung Kwok Wai
8. Republic of Ireland: Ken Doherty and Fergal O'Brien

Host teams

Thailand A: James Wattana and Dechawat Poomjaeng
Thailand B: Passakorn Sunwannawat and Thepchaiya Un-nooh

Wild cards

Germany: Patrick Einsle and Lasse Münstermann
Brazil: Fabio Luersen and Noel Rodrigues


Belgium: Bjorn Haneveer and Luca Brecel
Pakistan: Sahid Aftab and Muhammad Sajjad
India: Aditya Metha and Pankaj Advani
Afghanistan: Mohammad Rais Senzahi and Saleh Mohammad Mohammadi
UAE: Mohmmed Mustafa Shehab and Mohammed Al Joaker
Poland: Kacper Filipiak and Krzysztof Wrobel
Malta: Tony Drago and Alex Borg
Egypt: Wael Talat and Yasser El-Sherbini



Welsh Open[2].jpg


Champion of Champions.jpg







_44304734_ronnie270.jpg Plachá

23. 5. Vladimír

Zítra: Jana

Ronnie Welsh 2016.jpg215259_10200438078328966_1416503438_n.jpg


german 12.jpg

Nadcházející akce/Upcoming events

27.11.-9.12. UK Championship

10.-16.12. Scotish Open

Northern Ireland Trophy 2008


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