Sagittarius - characteristics

Sagittarius – characteristics of men

If you would look for this man in crowd of people, you will find him always in the middle. He penetrates inside of people and seeks real and true value. Maybe even therefore he has much less enemies, than anybody else.

The sin of the Sagittarius man isn’t a deliberate cruelty, but no tact and thoughtlessness. He sometimes says terrible insults, but he immediately disarms his opponent by his look and this one, instead of hitting him back, even prices him.

Sagittarius haunts shallow relationships and he sometimes slips down even to promiscuity. But he will be always honest and open to his girlfriend. He tells her everything even how many love affairs he had and what he expects from relationship with her. He never enters a marriage with lie in his heart, as long as the girl doesn’t override him and he won’t know how to run away from her. Than he will marry, but he will mostly divorce soon.

The biggest mistake of girlfriends of Sagittarius is, that they interpret relationship often badly and they think, that it is more serious, than it really is. Especially this fact will force him to seek doubtful relationships even if he wants only platonic friendship.

If his girlfriend won’t be jealous, suspect and fusses him over proper freedom, than he will tell her honestly during one magic evening, that she is all for him, what he expects and awaits from a woman.

The woman, who loves Sagittarius, mustn’t ever forget, that he needs much freedom even in marriage and so she has to give him so many free evenings, how many he wants. She must never doubt about his honesty.

As a father he will be very strict, but on the other hand he’ll manage to evoke lots of love for unknown in his children. He will enjoy his children more, when they grow up and he will be able to go with them for trips and for various events in the country.

West horoscope – Sagittarius

Sagittariuses are happy, free people, who without scruples and shyness walk through the live. They are straightforward and opened, even so opened, that they are able to hurt unwittingly other people. They of course don’t want to be biting or mischievous, they are just so honest, that they cannot dissemble their own idea. If we would get used to this way of communication, we will gain a honest friends.

Their naturally fresh look affects by refreshing and stimulating way. They don’t task their mind with intellectual problems and bring live from its happier, lighter side. They won’t evade sometimes clear superficiality and sometimes they cannot speak seriously.

They love all sports and especially horses and hunting. Their passionate and impulsive nature makes often from them storytellers, but nobody in their society resents them for it. The main necessary is free, independent live, not clump to four walls. Otherwise they feel like in a prison a make it clear.

They are very explosive – they easy explode for triviality. They can’t help themselves, if there is something, what they don’t like, their nature doesn’t allow them to stay in quiet. But when their angry disappears, they’ll quick forget, what was the reason of it.

Their behaviour to their surroundings is very opened too. Everybody recognizes, who they consider friend and who enemy. If they have the smallest reason for distrust somebody, they immediately tell him. If somebody disappoints them, they don’t know him ever yet.

They are high-minded. They are delighted to give away and to do pleasure for other person. They often improvidently give away the money. They own are able to live remarkably modestly, because despite seeming prodigality they know value of money.

But they are also gamblers and they bet everything on one cart in attack of blindness. If it doesn’t work, they then forces to count very well with each pound.

Egyptian horoscope – Anubis

26 November – 28 December

Your God: God with dog’s head participates in funereal rituals and transfers spirits to the gates of holy places.

Characteristics: These brave people love all action connected with risk. You long for live (and for love) full of adventure and excitement. You love world, where always something happens. People, who want to connect with you, must have your step. You are ahead of your’s time and despise convention. You are selfish in connection with your freedom and time. You don’t want to waste it for useless or boring work. You like travelling and sport in country.

Driving force: You have independent nature and your strength is in optimism and in your skill to become enthused. Mostly you stand on your’s own legs early. You can seem like a careless, but you know very well, what you want.

Weak place: Too big desire of seeking of adventure could be dangerous.

Love and relationships: You can’t listen, but you yourself call for nearly unquestioning obedience. You are romantic and heated partner. You are honest and opened in your emotions. You believe in love and friendship for years even after you gain bad experience.

Your ideal partner: Mut, Sachmet, Amon, Sutech

Advice: You very hard stifle and conform to another. Try you yourself to more listen another.

East horoscope – Rabbit

One of the happiest sign of china zodiac. Rabbit symbolizes grace and kindness. He has a neat manners, healthy conclusion and emotional relationship with beauty. His gentle speak and elegant, bright behaviour fulfill all conditions of successful diplomat. He easy succumb to moods and in these moments isn’t good to try to joke with him. He has penetrating business sharp-sightedness and he can act artfully and brightly. Although he can give a impression of lack of interest about meaning of another, in fact critique destroys him and he is afraid of it. He is often gentle and loving to his close, but to “unknown” he is cold and reserved. Despite his quiet and peaceful nature has man-Rabbit strong, sometimes even too big self-confident. He follows through his intentions temperately, but systematically. He is a great negotiator, who can’t be disparaged and who evokes respect. Externally he is inscrutable and is hard to estimate, what he really thinks.

He loves: Goats, Dogs, Pigs
Good friends: Mouse, Rabbits, Dragons
He tolerates: Buffalo, Snakes, Monkey
He doesn’t loves: Tigers, Horses, Cocks

Indian horoscope – River - Yun'wi Gunnahi'ta

People of this sign have incredible fantasy, sense for all beautiful and spectacular. Deep placed feeling of inferiority can evoke desire for public appreciation. They are very original, unpredictable people, who have been often mystery for another people. They are strong and think independently. They have nature inclination to leadership. They are conclusively convinced of their opinion. They don’t admit imperfection – either all, either nothing. They are often all-round, adaptable, very sensitive and they always try to save another from each inequity or distress.



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