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Last updated: 24th August 2010

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News, Ronnie O'Sullivan has said he has nothing more to prove to the snooker world and would prefer to give something back to the sport than achieve further personal glory.

The three-time world champion has recently fallen from number one in the rankings to number three but rather than concentrate exclusively on playing his way back past John Higgins and world champion Neil Robertson, O'Sullivan said he was thinking more and more about a long-term future involving the mentoring of youngsters.

"I don't feel like I've got anything to prove to anybody, other than the obviously high standards I set myself - which I don't believe to be high, they're just standards I believe to be achievable," O'Sullivan said.

"Getting to number would be nice but I'm not going to break my neck. Winning another world would be nice but I'm not going to break my neck. I just enjoy giving back to the sport.

"I hope there's moments of joy that I can bring to people that watch the game. I hope there's moments I can help other young players achieve their dreams coming into snooker - I hope there's something I can give back to the sport in that way.

"Not because I want to be seen as a goody two-shoes that wants to be seen as the ambassador of snooker, because it's not like that at all. But working with young players coming through who want to be the best and who want to win tournaments."

The Rocket elaborated: "I would like to, in some way, set up a facility where they can come and practice and play with me and I can show them what worked for me and try and add on a bit of advice."

O'Sullivan also insisted the phlegmatic reaction he has displayed to both success and failure in recent times - he famously conceded defeat to Stephen Hendry when 4-1 down in a best-of-17 quarter-final match at the 2006 UK Championship - would remain.

He said: "As far I'm concerned, I just want to be involved in snooker as long as I can. If it ain't competing then it's going to be from the sidelines and still being involved in trying to give back to the sport that I love - but it sometimes doesn't come across like that.

"Sometimes people think: 'well why is he doing it if he hates it that much?' I love it that much I get frustrated with it. But you know what? People are going to have to put up with that and just get used to me because I probably won't be going away soon."



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