Press conference in Waltham Abbey 5.10.2005


Ronnie O'Sullivan will not be carrying out his threat to take a break from snooker.
The world number one claimed in April, after his World Championship exit at Peter Ebdon's hands, he was "90%" certain to skip the 2005-06 season.
But his plans have changed, and O'Sullivan's renewed focus was confirmed on Wednesday as he signed up with a new management company and it emerged he would compete in this season's core tournaments.
The 29-year-old has won 18 ranking titles to date, including three UK Championships and two world titles.
When O'Sullivan went out at the Crucible he said: "I'll probably have a year off. I've not made a final decision yet but I'm 90% positive that's what I will do."
He claimed the game was proving mentally exhausting - but by adjusting his schedule to incorporate a series of pool tournaments in the United States, O'Sullivan is hoping to breathe new life into his game.
"I think, as everyone knows, I have several options and alternatives that I might like to try or explore this season and beyond," said O'Sullivan.
O'Sullivan has joined the growing stable of the world's best players at 110sport, a Stirling-based management company who include Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams, Ken Doherty and Stephen Maguire among their clients.
With the new arrangement, O'Sullivan expects to be able to maximise his earning potential on both sides of the Atlantic.
While his snooker commitments may be reduced, O'Sullivan will still play this month's Grand Prix, which begins in Preston on Saturday, the UK Championship, Wembley Masters and the World Championship.
He is likely to skip some of the smaller tournaments on the calendar.
The Chigwell-based player also intends to keep up with his commitments to the touring Premier League - but he is also motivated by the challenge of competing against North America's leading pool players. A tournament in Orlando next month could see him make his debut in the sport.
Australia rising star Neil Robertson has also joined 110sport, whose chief executive Lee Doyle said: "We are delighted to have two players of such quality come on board.
"Neil has certainly made his mark in the last few years and is definitely a potential future champion, while Ronnie is generally accepted as the biggest talent in the game and a proven winner."

O'Sullivan to play US pool events

World number one Ronnie O'Sullivan has confirmed he will play on the American pool circuit in addition to playing on the regular snooker tour.
The 29-year-old said he would continue to compete in the Grand Prix, UK and World Championships, the Masters and the Premier League.
But he said he was undecided about the China Open or Welsh Open.
"I have many options and alternatives that I might like to try or explore this season and beyond," he said.
Last month O'Sullivan said he wanted to cut down the number of events he played but that he had "commitments which require me to play in the BBC-covered events".
Meanwhile, O'Sullivan has re-joined former manager Ian Doyle's 110sport stable.
The two-times world champion famously criticised Doyle and 110sport player Stephen Hendry during the 2002 World Championship. (see another article)
At the time, in May 2002, he said: "I was always second in the pecking order to Hendry.
"I have no respect for them at all. It's just one massive clique. No-one in his (Doyle's) stable will ever do well because the vibe is there.
"That's why I've done so well since I've left him. Maybe some other players would do well if they left him, but I don't think they'll have the bottle."
Australian world number 28 Neil Robertson has also joined 110sport.

ronnies way with words.jpg

Ronnie's way with words

2 May, 2002
By Saj Chowdhury
BBC Sport Online, The Crucible

When Ronnie O'Sullivan gives his post-match interviews, they are generally entertaining.

Already at this year's World Championship he has revealed that at times he is "not bothered" about playing well and that he has been visiting a chiropractor.
But following his win over Stephen Lee in the quarter-finals he decided to launch an astonishing attack on his semi-final opponent Stephen Hendry and snooker agent Ian Doyle.
Here are some choice moments from his interview:

On the match
It's always nice to play at Sheffield. It's a great tournament and a great venue. For me, it's perfect because I can entertain out there.

On throwing his cue up in the air in the second session:
I split the cloth and I didn't mean to do that, but I was so disappointed with missing so many easy balls.
I could have won the match a lot easier - 13-6 or 13-7.
I wasn't feeling myself out there and was trying to find my form. It's always difficult when you are trying to find that something extra.
I did mean to catch the cue though.

On his lack of enthusiasm towards snooker:
I'm in such a funny mood at the moment. I don't care if I win or lose. I really don't give a monkey's. It's only a game. I don't need the money. I'm good for money.

On Hendry:
I played Hendry in the semis a few years ago.
We have this miss rule, but you know when a certain player has made a genuine attempt.
A miss was called against me. I really thought a lot of Stephen until he had that ball put back. He really did go down in my estimation. There's not a lot of respect there at all.
The most satisfying thing will be to sending him home as quickly as possible so he can have the summer off.
I know if I do get beat and he comes up and does a moonie in front of me and goes "ne ne ne", I'll just look at him and say "well done" and say "go back to your sad little life".

On Hendry's manager Ian Doyle (O'Sullivan's former manager):
I was always second in the pecking order to Hendry.
I have no respect for them at all. It's just one massive clique. No-one in his stable will ever do well because the vibe is there.
That's why I've done so well since I've left him. Maybe some other players would do well if they left him, but I don't think they'll have the bottle.

110 sign up O’Sullivan and Robertson

5. 10.2005

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Neil Robertson have signed up to join the illustrious 110sport players stable.

The announcement was made at a press conference today (Wednesday) at the Marriot Hotel in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

O’Sullivan, who said last month that he intended to mix his snooker career with stints playing 9-ball pool events in the United States, stated that he has only decided to partake in the Betfred Premier League, Grand Prix, UK Championship, Masters, and World Championship snooker tournaments this season.

O’Sullivan said today, „Thanks to the agreement I have with 110sport, I will be able to do that while making the most of the potential commercial opportunities which will arise.“

Robertson, provisionally ranked 13th, climbed 40 places in the world rankings last season after reaching three quarter finals; and the Australian is one of the sport’s brightest prospects. He said, „I have been given an opportunity to be part of the biggest management team in professional snooker. I think most players have looked at 110sport and wanted to be part of it.“

110sport now boasts the world’s top three players in O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, and Stephen Maquire. Other big-name clients incluce Mark Williams, Ken Doherty, David Gray and Allister Carter to name but a few.



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