Pete Williams*


Interviewed by Jan Kundrak at the Facebook

Biggest Break: 27 I think ( I was more of a pool player!)
Function in snooker: Owner of Web TV channel

Ján: Hey Pete, I am glad that I have reached.
Pete: Behold, I am glad you do about the interview.

John: Well, to begin.
Pete: Yes sure.
Ján: what you view on snooker in England as it develops further?
Pete: snooker has always been strong in england but I think it is important that things are put into place to develop the youngsters in the sport,
with only 6 ranking events this season and a very tough qualifying system there is nothing to encourage youngsters to take up the game. We need to modernise the game in my view.
make it more attractive to viewing audiences and young players.

Ján: You think is the future of snooker is based on the old generation of players? or new?
Pete: I think it is based on a new generation, we should be encouraging players to participate.
It is not just about players in england either.
In my view the governing body shuld be looking to develop snooker in places like the Czech Republic
where we have seen interest grow in the last few years thanks to both Eurosport and now the World Series.
There are big opportunities to develop the sport throughout Europe, Germany, Belgium, Holland all have reasonable open events now

Ján: And PL? what do you think?
Pete: The Premier League is great, it still attracts big crowds throughout the UK and I think it is marketed in a positive and modern way.
Encuraging players to play attacking snooker is good in my view, and the Premier League does this by offering L1000 bonuses for winning a frame and making a century break

Ján: I myself visited this year as he walks PHC, you think it's a good tournament for the development of snooker in europe?
Pete: absolutely, its a great event and again it is well supported by fans throughout Europe.
My view would be develop the event further and turn it into a World Ranking event, or at least there is scope to do that in Germany with the following that the PHC has developed.

Ján: What is your opinion on the referees? help snooker? I think that yes
Pete: Yes the refeereeing we see is of the highest order, it can be a difficult job at times but I cannot think of a time when we have seen poor refeereeing.
They all conduct themselves very professionally

Ján: What would you advice to young players in the future for their game?
Pete: Practice is the most important factor, but it has to be the right kind of practice, learn from the professionals, emulate what they do with practice routines.
Outside of that make sure they have enjoyment for the game, if there is no enjoyment then it will be very difficult to progress.

Ján: Pete, thank you for an interview.
Pete: I, too, and next time I Speak .



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