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Interviewed by Jan Kundrak at Facebook

Ján: Hi Judd
Judd: Hi John.

Ján: So we start.
Judd: Determine clear.

Ján: What you view on snooker in England as it develops further?
Judd: Snooker in the UK is going well but slowly. I give him a bright future. It should be developed mainly in Europe because there is now a strong base of players.

Ján: Do you think the future of snooker is based on old or new generation of players?
Judd: I think that is based on a new generation of players will certainly help to do such as snooker stars Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie OSullivan, but I think Ronnie is sometimes exaggerated with eccentricities up to discourage fans of snooker, some have according to me is an abomination. He wants more tournament play opportunities.

Ján: And what about the Premier League what you think about this tournament?
Judd: Premier League is a great tournament as players on both viewers. I like the timing on it.

Ján: I myself visited this year as he walks PHC, you think it's a good tournament for the development of snooker in europe?
Judd: Certainly, I myself was present at the tournament this year and I really like that there and free atmosphere between players and spectators.

Ján: What do you think about referees? They help disseminate snooker? I think that yes
Judd: snooker referees are very important, but their work is not appreciated enough.

Ján: What advice would you give young players ahead of their game?
Judd: practice, practice, practice that is most important. Tested here have a game like. This is probably the only way I can cope.

Ján: Judd, thank you for an interview.
Judd: I also thank you.



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