Roewe Shanghai Masters 2009*


Ronnie - Patience Was My Virtue

Ronnie O'Sullivan insisted that patience and tough matchplay skills were his greatest allies in a "very satisfying" victory in the Roewe Shanghai Masters final.

The Rocket beat Liang Wenbo 10-5 to win his third ranking title in China and 22nd overall, and though he made eight breaks over 50 during the match, he also had to stay calm and wait for scoring opportunities.

"It was a tough match, I struggled with my technique and I wasn’t hitting the ball sweetly. In spells I played ok but for most of it I had to battle to get through," said the 33-year-old from Chigwell, who won the China Open in 1999 and 2000. "I would have loved to entertain and play open snooker as that was the kind of game I was expecting. But it got slow and there were some drawn out frames so it was hard to build any momentum.

"I was hanging on, trying to stay in there and not give anything away, and wait for some form to come along. I was only able to play flamboyant snooker in two or three frames. The rest of it was steady, hard match snooker and I needed patience.

"Liang pots so many difficult balls, and that's hard to play against. You think you’ve got him in trouble and you’ll get back to the table, then he’s pots a long ball and you have to stay in your seat, so you can get frustrated. His potting ability is so good, that wherever you leave the white, you don't know if it's safe. He's improved a lot since I played him at the Crucible last year.

"So I'm happy to have got through it, won the tournament and got my season off to a good start. It’s very satisfying to get a victory, especially here in China where snooker is so popular. It’s a good feeling.”

Left-hander Liang, the 22-year-old who had never previously been beyond the quarter-finals of a ranking event, said: "In the first session I played well and put Ronnie under some pressure, but it was hard to keep doing that in the second session. I need more experience in finals like this."

Drawsheet of the event

Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai

7-13 September 2009

Monday 7 September 2009
WC1 - Marcus Campbell v Tang Jun - 5-1
WC2 - Andrew Higginson v Tian Pengfei - 1-5
WC3 - Ken Doherty v Aditya Mehta - 5-0
WC4 - Graeme Dott v Mohammed Shehab - 5-3

Liang Wenbo v David Gilbert - 5-2
WC5 - Nigel Bond v Yu De Lu - 5-4
WC6 - Gerard Greene v Li Yan - 4-5
WC7 - Matthew Selt v Shi Hanqing - 5-0

Tuesday 8 September 2009
Ricky Walden v Mark King - 5-1
Marco Fu v Nigel Bond - 5-4
Stephen Hendry v Marcus Campbell - 5-4
Ryan Day v Li Yan - 5-3

John Higgins v Matthew Selt - 5-2
Peter Ebdon v Liang Wenbo - 1-5
Mark Selby v Stuart Bingham - 3-5
Neil Robertson v Ken Doherty - 4-5

Wednesday 9 September 2009
Ding Junhui v Stephen Lee - 5-2
Shaun Murphy v Michael Holt - 5-1
Ali Carter v Tian Pengfei - 5-3
Joe Perry v Jamie Cope - 4-5

Ronnie O’Sullivan v Graeme Dott - 5-0 :-)
Stephen Maguire v Barry Hawkins - Maguire withdraws
Mark Allen v Matthew Stevens - 2-5
Mark Williams v Joe Swail - 5-3

Thursday 10 September 2009
Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham - 5-2
Mark Williams v John Higgins - 1-5
Shaun Murphy v Jamie Cope - 5-0
Ken Doherty v Barry Hawkins - 5-4

Ronnie O’Sullivan v Marco Fu - 5-2 :-)
Ricky Walden v Stephen Hendry - 5-1
Liang Wenbo v Ali Carter - 5-0
Ryan Day v Matthew Stevens - 5-1

Friday 11 September 2009
QF1 - Ricky Walden v Liang Wenbo - 3-5
QF2 - Shaun Murphy v Ken Doherty - 5-0

QF4 - Ryan Day v John Higgins - 1-5
QF3 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Ding Junhui - 5-3 :-)

Saturday 12 September 2009
Liang Wenbo v Shaun Murphy - 6-5

Ronnie O'Sullivan v John Higgins - 6-1 :-))

Sunday 13 September 2009
Liang Wenbo v Ronnie O'Sullivan - 3-6

Liang Wenbo v Ronnie O'Sullivan - 5-10 :-)))

All matches up to and including quarter finals will be best of 9 frames, semi finals are best of 11 frames and the final is best of 19 (9/10) frames.


Below is the playing schedule for the qualifying rounds of the 2009 Roewe Shanghai Masters, to take place at Pontin's, Prestatyn, from August 3 to 6

Monday 3 August 2009

Match 1 – Daniel Wells v Ian Preece - 5-3
Match 2 – Li Hang v Tony Drago - w/o
Match 3 – Christopher Norbury v Brendan O’Donoghue - 2-5
Match 4 – Bjorn Haneveer v David Gray - 5-1
Match 5 – Atthasit Mahitthi v Joe Jogia - 3-5
Match 6 – Craig Steadman v Zhang Anda - 5-2
Match 7 – Xiao Guodong v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh - 5-4
Match 8 – Simon Bedford v David Hogan - 5-3

Match 9 – Stephen Rowlings v Jimmy Robertson - 2-5
Match 10 – Mathew Couch - w/o v Mei Xiwen
Match 11 - Lee Spick v Andrew Norman - 5-1
Match 12 - Lee Page v Michael White - 2-5
Match 13 – Ben Woollaston v Sam Baird - 5-4
Match 14 – Patrick Wallace v Jordan Brown - 5-4
Match 15 – Noppadol Sangnil v James Wattana - 5-2
Match 16 – Matthew Selt v Mark Boyle - 5-2

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Match 17 – Joe Delaney v Daniel Wells - 5-3
Match 18 – David Morris v Tony Drago - 4-5
Match 19 – David Gilbert v Brendan O’Donoghue - 5-2
Match 20 – Jimmy White v Bjorn Haneveer - 5-0
Match 21 – Mark Joyce v Joe Jogia - 2-5
Match 22 – Robert Milkins v Craig Steadman - 5-1
Match 23 – Rod Lawler v Xiao Guodong - 5-4
Match 24 – Liu Song v Simon Bedford - 0-5

Match 25 – Barry Pinches v Jimmy Robertson - 4-5
Match 26 – Jin Long v Mathew Couch - 4-5
Match 27 – Tom Ford v Lee Spick - 2-5
Match 28 - John Parrott v Michael White - 0-5
Match 29 – Peter Lines v Ben Woollaston - 5-3
Match 30 – Paul Davies v Patrick Wallace - 3-5
Match 31 – David Roe v Noppadol Sangnil - 3-5
Match 32 – Andy Hicks v Matthew Selt - 4-5

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Match 33 – Stuart Pettman v Joe Delaney - 5-2
Match 34 – Marcus Campbell v Tony Drago - 5-4
Match 35 – Alan McManus v David Gilbert - 0-5
Match 36 – Andrew Higginson v Jimmy White - 5-2
Match 37 – Jamie Burnett v Joe Jogia - 5-4
Match 38 – Anthony Hamilton v Robert Milkins - 5-4
Match 39 – Ken Doherty v Rod Lawler - 5-2
Match 40 – Ian McCulloch v Simon Bedford - 1-5

Match 41 – Mike Dunn v Jimmy Robertson - 0-5
Match 42 – Dominic Dale v Mathew Couch - 5-2
Match 43 – Michael Judge v Lee Spick - 1-5
Match 44 – Mark Davis v Michael White - 5-3
Match 45 – Martin Gould v Peter Lines - 5-0
Match 46 – Rory McLeod v Patrick Wallace - 3-5
Match 47 – Adrian Gunnell v Noppadol Sangnil - 5-2
Match 48 – Jimmy Michie v Matthew Selt - 1-5

Thursday 6 August 2009

Match 49 – Mark King v Stuart Pettman - 5-4
Match 50 – Judd Trump v Marcus Campbell - 2-5
Match 51 – Liang Wenbo v David Gilbert (will be played in China)
Match 52 – Dave Harold v Andrew Higginson - 2-5
Match 53 – Michael Holt v Jamie Burnett - 5-4
Match 54 – Jamie Cope v Anthony Hamilton - 5-0
Match 55 – Fergal O’Brien v Ken Doherty - 4-5
Match 56- Barry Hawkins v Simon Bedford - 5-1

Match 57 – Graeme Dott v Jimmy Robertson - 5-4
Match 58 - Nigel Bond v Dominic Dale - 5-4
Match 59 – Stephen Lee v Lee Spick - 5-3
Match 60 – Stuart Bingham v Mark Davis - 5-2
Match 61 - Gerard Greene v Martin Gould - 5-3
Match 62 – Matthew Stevens v Patrick Wallace - 5-1
Match 63 – Joe Swail v Adrian Gunnell - 5-1
Match 64 - Steve Davis v Matthew Selt - 4-5

All matches will be the best of 9 frames To Screen Exclusive Live Coverage Of All World Snooker Qualifiers

110SPORT.TV are set to launch their exciting new tv channel on Monday (3 August) having agreed an exclusive three-year deal to screen live matches from all 48 days of World Snooker's qualifying events.

In conjunction with 110sport, the leading sports management company, the new channel will be launched for Monday's opening day of the Roewe Shanghai Masters qualifiers at Pontin's Holiday Park, Prestatyn, North Wales.

Snooker fans will have the chance to purchase exclusive live coverage at a charge of £2.99 per session as the some of the sport's top players battle it out to try to qualify for the first ranking tournament of the 2009-2010 season.

The competition runs from 3-6 August, with six-time World Championship winner Steve Davis hoping to get off to a fast start.

Crowd favourite Jimmy 'The Whirlwind' White will also be in action, as will former world champions Ken Doherty and Graeme Dott.

And there will be a whole host of other top professionals in action with Ian McCulloch, Joe Swail, Jamie Cope, Dave Harold, Stephen Lee and Matthew Stevens all ready to kick off the new season in style.

A spokesman for World Snooker said: "The standard of play at the qualifiers is unbelievably high, and now fans across the world have the chance to watch some of the legends of the sport and up-and-coming stars in action. This is an exciting innovation for snooker."

David Mackinnon, the 110sport Chief Executive, added: "We are delighted to have signed an exclusive deal to screen the World Snooker qualifiers for the next three years," .

"It's very exciting times right now with the launch of, it gives snooker fans from all over the world the chance to watch live coverage of qualifiers for the entire season.

" is an exciting platform for not just snooker fans, but sports fans all over the world to see exclusive live matches and get an exclusive insight to the lives of professional sportsmen and sportswomen."

Roewe Shanghai Masters qualfiers schedule below. ** denotes match to be shown live by

All matches will be the best of 9 frames

Monday 3 August 2009
Match 4 - Bjorn Haneveer v David Gray **
Match 7 - Xiao Guodong v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh **

Match 11 - Lee Spick v Andrew Norman **
Match 15 - Noppadol Sangnil v James Wattana **

Tuesday 4 August 2009
Match 18 - David Morris v Winner of match 2 **
Match 20 - Jimmy White v Winner of match 4 **

Match 28 - John Parrott v Winner of match 12 **
Match 31 - David Roe v Winner of match 15 **

Wednesday 5 August 2009
Match 36 - Andrew Higginson v Winner of match 20 **
Match 39 - Ken Doherty v Winner of match 23 **

Match 44 - Mark Davis v Winner of match 28 **
Match 46 - Rory McLeod v Winner of match 30 **

Thursday 6 August 2009

Match 49 - Mark King v Winner of match 33 **
Match 51 - Liang Wenbo v Winner of match 35 **

Match 62 - Matthew Stevens v Winner of match 46 **
Match 64 - Steve Davis v Winner of match 48 **


* Exclusive: Live coverage of all the World Snooker qualifying events for the 2009-10 season
* Exclusive: East v West -Seven-time world snooker champion Stephen Hendry versus Chinese prodigy Ding Junhui, live on
* Legends snooker: The best golden oldies of the green baize return to do battle with Jimmy White, Tony Drago and Cliff Thornburn set to star
* Exclusive: Blogs with some of sport's top clients including Olympic cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy, snooker legend Stephen Hendry and top golfer Alistair well as whole host of other clients

Comment by Janie Watkins at

I've just had a good chat with 110sport who wish to answer some of the queries that have been raised.

1. There will be commentators. Terry Griffiths will be one of them, Rob Walker another and they're keeping a couple of surprises up their sleeve for you.

2. They will go on air 15 minutes before the start of play and a sesion broadcast will include interviews with players, referees etc.

3. They will have roving cameras to monitor other tables and be able to bring good breaks etc from other tables.

4. It will be satellite upload technology and there will be a total of 8 cameras in use around the venue. the production team is headed up by senior staff previously with Sky Sports and Setanta and the pictures will be full tv quality.

5. Initially the price is set at £2.99 a session. If you're unable to watch live there will be a "watch again option" on a delay, at a cheaper rate. If the uptake is good then prices will be reviewed accordingly and packages like day, event, and season tickets introduced.

6. There will also be other events being covered, that 110 are involved with or event managing themselves.

7. Perhaps the most important is that it is available worldwide. China will have its own separate mirror feeds and everyone else will pick up the feed from the UK and as long as you've got a decent internet connection you should have no problem accessing the broadcasts.

8. The team is coming into Pontin's tomorrow to get everything set up.

So all in all it sounds pretty exciting to me and it's long overdue.
Roll on Monday morning, let's watch some snooker!

And your comments?



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