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Lancashire's Stuart Pettman who is enjoying a break in the Far East looks back at a great season and is relishing the challenge ahead.

How would you sum up last season?

Pretty good I took quite a lot of big steps because I've been treading water and not making any moves really throughout my career. Last season I was really consistent, I think I only lost one opening game which was massive and to cap it all off I got to the semis in China which turned it into a great season for me.

What was the highlight?

China was the highlight of the season, I played well all the way through. I scored well, felt great and then came up against Peter Ebdon in the semis and he just played very well. I would have taken the semis before I went as I'd never been to one before.

And the low point?

Probably losing in the World Championship qualifiers when I was 8-5 up against Alan McManus. I lost it from there and he won 10-8. I had a great chance to go 9-7 missed an easy, easy blue and after that I never saw a shot. That was the low point for me of last season.

Have you set any targets for next season?

To get into the top 32, I start provisionally at 29 so that is definately the target.

Are you doing anything different in terms of practise?

I came to Thailand because I thought it would be good match practise for the start of the season which kicks off in just over a week. It shows when you've not played a match for a few months you get a bit rusty and it definately showed when I played over here. I've put a lot more practise in then I ever have done in my life and that goes for last season as well. I'm working with a new coach, Nick Caddy who's got my head a lot better, mentally tougher and stronger. He's drummed it into me that you don't get anywhere without hard work. Before I used to think I could just turn up and win and obviously that's not true.

What have you been up to over the summer?

Not a lot, after China I put my cue down for a couple of months. The plan was to play a bit of golf but I played one round and was in absolute agony. I did something to my ribs so I've put the clubs away for the season as I was just in too much pain when I played. That was the plan but it's not worked out.



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