Quiz for tickets to 2005/06 season



Worldsnooker.com has a pair of tickets for the second semi-final of the Travis Perkins UK Championship up for grabs.
23 Nov 2005 10:59:00
The match takes place at the Barbican Centre in York on Saturday, December 17 with sessions starting at 2pm and 7pm.

For a chance to win, answer the 15 snooker questions below. Send your answers by e-mail to competitions@worldsnooker.com and include your name and telephone number.

Closing date is Monday, December 5 and the winner will be notified on Tuesday, December 6.

There are still tickets available for the tournament, to book your seats call call 0870 4000 670 or visit www.ticketmaster.co.uk

1. Name the player pictured/Patrick Wallace

2. How many world finals has Steve Davis lost in his career?/2

3. In which year did Ronnie O’Sullivan turn professional?/1992

4. Paul Hunter was runner-up to Jimmy White in the 2004 Daily Record Players’ Championship. But which Chinese player did he beat 5-0 in round two?/Ding Junhui

5. Name the player who won both the Thailand Masters and China Open in 2001-2002?/Mark J. Williams

6. Jimmy White won his first ranking tournament for 12 years when he captured the Daily Record Players Championship? But what year was his previous ranking event victory and who did he beat in the final?/1992, UK Championship, John Parrott

7. Name two of the four countries that comprised Group A of the Nations Cup in 2000-2001?/ China, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland

8. In what year was the first Regal Masters final held?/ 1981

9. Name the player that defeated Stephen Hendry 9-0 in the 1998 UK Championship-and where did the match take place?/Marcus Campbell and the event took place in Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, England

10. In which year did Allison Fisher win her first Ladies World Championship: 1984, 85 or 86?/1985

11. Has John Parrott been awarded the CBE, MBE or OBE?/MBE

12. Who, in 2003, made maximum breaks in back to back ranking tournaments?/John Higgins

13. An Ulsterman and a Scot contested the final of the 1990 ENGLISH Amateur championship-who were they?/Joe Swail and Alan McManus

14. Dave Harold became one of the most unlikely ranking tournament champions when he won the 1993 Nescafe Asian Open. But who did he beat in the final?/Darren Morgan

15. Matthew Stevens recently won the re-launched Pot Black Trophy in London. But which golden great won the inagural competition in 1969?/Ray Reardon


Chance for winning two tickets for the final of Grand Prix 2005

Worldsnooker.com has a fantastic prize to give away for the first ranking tournament of the new season.
20 Sep 2005

It’s your chance to win two tickets to both sessions of the final of the Grand Prix at the Guild Hall in Preston on Sunday, October 16.

World No 1 Ronnie O’Sullivan will be attempting to defend his title against the likes of Stephen Hendry, John Higgins, Matthew Stevens, Jimmy White, Steve Davis and world champion Shaun Murphy.

The prize also includes a backstage tour and a souvenir programme.

For a chance to win just answer this question: Who did Ronnie O’Sullivan beat in last year’s Grand Prix final?

Send your answers by e-mail to competitions@worldsnooker.com and include your name and telephone number.

Closing date is Monday, October 10 and the winner will be notified on Tuesday, October 11.

Tickets for the Grand Prix, which runs from October 8 to 16, are now on sale. They start at £5 (£2.50 concessions) and rise to £22 for the concluding session of the final. To book your seats call 01772 258858.


Snooker quiz 6 and answers

Some tricky ones this time! More tickets up for grabs...
24 Aug 2005 16:27:00
1. Which 1980s player was known as the Silver Fox?/David Taylor
2. Which player suffered a black eye after being punched in an unprovoked attack during a recent night out in Romford?/Neil Robertson
3. Which leading ladies player is a cousin of Ronnie O'Sullivan?/Maria Catalano
4. "You're potting a lot of good ones, dad, but you're also missing some very easy ones." Who apparently said this at the Northern Ireland Trophy?/Stephen Hendry's son
5. Name the player pictured/Sean Storey
6. How many times did Walter Donaldon win the World Championship?/Twice, 1947 and 1950
7. Which Tour player made three 147 breaks in four frames during a practice session in Telford in 2003?/Adrian Gunnell
8. Who is the current European Champion?/Alex Borg
9. What particular reason did Dave Harold's brother have to celebrate the Stoke potter's 1993 Asian Open victory?/He bet on his victory. (the only one, which I haven't)
10. How many of snooker's official top 16 players are married or have been married?/11 - Hunter, Hendry, Higgins, Ebdon, White, Lee, Doherty, Dott, Perry, Davis and McCulloch

E-mail your answers to ivan.hirschowitz@worldsnooker.com, putting ’snooker quiz 6’ in the subject field, or send a postcard to:
Snooker Quiz 6
World Snooker
Ground Floor, Albert House
111-117 Victoria Street
Bristol BS1 6AX
Don’t forget to include your name, address and telephone number. Closing date is Thursday, Septemer 1.
The winner will receive a pair of tickets to a choice of tournaments during the 2005/06 season, up to and including the quarter-final stage.

Well done to Shauna O’Neill from Northern Ireland who scored 9/10. She wins a pair tickets to a major tournament this season.
The others who got just one answer wrong were: Dana Placha from the Czech Republic, Susan Malthouse from Leeds, Jerome Revillard from France, Katharina Klug from Austria and Gaby Koechel from Germany.
Keep an eye out for more competitions coming soon!



Mark Allen and Neil Robertson, both outstanding performers in the Northern Ireland Trophy, have been voted snooker's Ones to Watch by worldsnooker.com readers.
20 Aug 2005 18:18:00
World Amateur champion Allen, the 19-year-old from Antrim, beat Steve Davis and John Higgins on his professional debut in Belfast. Australia's 23-year-old Robertson reached the semi-finals before losing to Matthew Stevens, having knocked out world champion Shaun Murphy.

Our comeptition asked you which player, aged 26 or younger and without a previous major title, is most likely to make an impact this season. Allen and Robertson were tied with 36% each, while there were also votes for Ricky Walden, Judd Trump, Jamie Cope and David Morris.
The winner is Ryan Wride from Bristol who will receive a pair of tickets to a major tournament this season. He said:
World under-21 champion only two years ago, Neil Robertson, the flamboyant Aussie, looks set to cement his place among the world's elite in the coming season. Quarter-final appearances in Malta and Wales last season is surely only the beginning of the journey to his first ranking event victory.
Here are a few more entries:
Mark Allen will make a big impact this season. He is a fantastic young talent and has said he cannot wait to start on the professional circuit. Those are the words of a willing young star and a future big name for snooker. If he puts some hard work into snooker this season, I feel he could win atleast one title.
Chris Windle, Bedfordshire
Mark Allen is the one to watch – definitely!! His amazing cue action and fearlessness around the table means he will go all the way. Don’t be surprised if he wins a FEW ranking tournaments this season and be guaranteed you will see him at the Crucible!!!
Shauna O’Neill, County Antrim
Having struggled initially as an overseas player, Neil Robertson has since settled in the UK and accomplished consistent and commendable results. I reckon he'll pick up his first ranking tournament this season, as he's proven to a wide audience that he has what it takes to compete with the best.
Jasen Rengasamy, Australia


Worldsnooker.com readers have voted the 1985 World Championship final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor as the greatest match if all time.
27 Jun 2005

Nearly 68 per cent of entrants into our top ten challenge had the black-ball cliffhanger at the top of the list. Taylor triumphed 18-17 in the epic contest to win his only world title.

The winner of the competiton is Davy De Roover from Belgium, who receives two tickets to a major tournament next season. His top ten matches are:
1) 1985 World Championship final, Dennis Taylor 18 Steve Davis 17
2) 1998 World Championship first round, Jimmy White 10 Stephen Hendry 4
3) 2005 World Championship final, Shaun Murphy 18 Matthew Stevens 16
4) 2004 Masters final, Paul Hunter 10 Ronnie O’Sullivan 9
5) 1992 UK Championship final, Jimmy White 16 John Parrott 9
6) 2003 World Championship semi-final, Ken Doherty 17 Paul Hunter 16
7) 1982 World Championship semi-final, Alex Higgins 16 Jimmy White 15
8) 1994 World Championship final, Stephen Hendry 18 Jimmy White 17
9) 2004 World Championship semi-final, Ronnie O’sullivan 17 Stephen Hendry 4
10) 2002 Masters quarter-final, Jimmy White 6 Ronnie O’Sullivan 5
And he says:
The greatest match has to be the ’85 final. First a great comeback from Taylor, then the most exciting black ball finish of all time, with 18.5 million people glued to their television screens. It simply had everything. The underdog had done the impossible! Fantastic, thrilling, magnificent match!
And a few more entries...
Bernard Greep from Wigan:
1. Steve Davis v Dennis Taylor, World Championship final 1985
2. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Stephen Maguire, World Championship first round 2005
3. Mark Williams v Matthew Stevens, World Championship final 2000.
4. Stephen Hendry v Steve Davis, World Championship semi-final 1994
5. Stephen Hendry v Jimmy White, World Championship final 1994
6. Stephen Hendry v Jimmy White, World Championship final 1992
7. Stephen Hendry v Ken Doherty, UK Championship final 1994
8. Stephen Hendry v Mike Hallett, Masters final 1991
9. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Peter Ebdon, World Championship quarter-final 2005
10. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Stephen Hendry, World Championship semi-final 2004
The standard in this match has long been surpassed, but it remains a classic. The lead. The comeback. The tension. The misses. The sweaty brows. The grim faces. The 1am finish. The whisper from Ted (“No…”). The pot from Dennis. And the pointed finger. Timeless.
Caroline McAuslan from Glasgow:
1. Ken Doherty v Paul Hunter, semi-final 2003 World Championship
2. Steve Davis v Dennis Taylor, World Championship final 1985
3. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Graeme Dott, World Championship final 2004
4. Jimmy White v Paul Hunter, Players Championship final 2004
5. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Mick Price, World Championship first round 1997 (fastest 147)
6. Jimmy White v Stephen Hendry, World Championship final 1994
7. Kirk Stevens v Jimmy white, Masters semi-final 1984
8. John Spencer v Ray Reardon, Masters final 1975
9. Mark Williams V Stephen Hendry, Masters final 1998
10. Terry Griffiths v Dennis Taylor, World Championship final 1979
Doherty coming from 15-9 down to beat Hunter 17-16 was one of the best semi-finals in the past few years and made the build up to the 2003 final all the more exciting. Either finalist that year would have entered the elite of players who have become world champ more than once.
John Callaghan from Sheffield:
1) Steve Davis v Dennis Taylor, 1985 World Championship final
2) Kirk Stevens v Jimmy White, 1984 Masters semi-final
3) Paul Hunter v Jimmy White, 2004 Players Championship final
4) Stephen Hendry v Jimmy White, 1994 World Championship final
5) Alex Higgins v Jimmy White, 1982 World Championship semi-final
6) Jimmy White v Matthew Stevens, 2005 Masters second round
7) Stephen Hendry v Mark Williams, 1998 Masters final
8) Steve Davis v Ronnie O’Sullivan, 2004 Welsh Open final
9) Stephen Hendry v Ronnie O’Sullivan, 2005 Welsh Open final
10) Alex Higgins v Ray Reardon, 1982 World Championship semi-final
The Davis v Taylor final is the best match of all time due to the length of the match, the final result (the underdog winning) and the fact that it went down the last frame and the last ball. And so many easy blacks were missed, nail biting!
Polina Tchernyaeva from Russia
1. Steve Davis v Dennis Taylor, World Championship final 1985
2. Stephen Hendry v Ronnie O’Sullivan, Welsh Open final 2005
3. Stephen Hendry v Peter Ebdon, World Championship final 1996
4. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Steve Davis, Welsh Open final 2004
5. Paul Hunter v Matthew Stevens, World Championship second round 2004
6. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Mick Price, World Championship first round 1997
7. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Paul Hunter, Masters final 2004
8. Matthew Stevens v Shaun Murphy, World Championship final 2005
9. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Ian McCulloch, Welsh Open first round 2005
10. Stephen Hendry v Ding Junhui, China Open final 2005
The Davis v Taylor match is the best ever. It is the classic of snooker and shows the real beauty of it! This match is not only a vivid example of the excellent snooker game, but it puts any snooker lover on the edge of their seats as well!!! The most memorable thing in this match is Taylor’s will to win. When Davis took an 8-0 lead, almost nobody believed that Taylor had a chance, but he managed to pull something out of the bag for an 18-17 victory!! It was brilliant!!!


Can you get ten out of ten this time?

26 Jul 2005 09:59:00
1. Which player was once nicknamed the Toast of Tavistock?/Andy Hicks
2. What is Robert Milkins' highest ever official ranking?/21
3. Which soap opera features a snooker club called Snooker World?/EastEnders - the only one, which we hadn't
4. Which player's real name is Ratchapol Pu-Ob-Orm?/James Wattana
5. Name the trophy pictured/Grand Prix
6. What is the lowest possible total clearance?/44
7. In which year did Marco Fu win the World Amateur Championship?/1997
8. Name five snooker players to have been awarded the MBE/Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White, John Parrott, Mark Williams and Steve Davis
9. Which player's car windscreen was hit by a stray air rifle pellet on his way to the 2000 World Championship?/Drew Henry
10. what is Graeme Dott's wife's name?/Elaine

The winner is Tanya Volovelskaya from the Ukraine.


Worldsnooker.com readers have voted the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield as the world's best venue for snooker.
29 Jul 2005 14:41:00
Over 45% of entrants made the Crucible, home to the World Championship since 1977, their number one. In second place was Wembley Conference Centre which gained 27% of the vote.

The winning entry comes from Caroline McAuslan from Glasgow, who will receive a pair of tickets to major tournament next season. She said:
The best snooker venue has to be the Crucible at Sheffield - legends are made, hopes dashed, dreams built and little bits of magic happen each year. It holds a special atmosphere that no other venue in the sport has. It is renowned as the heart of the game throughout the world. Snooker would lose something special if it wasn’t held there.

A few further entries:
Stephen Meadows from London:
Without doubt the Crucible. By allowing the surrounding crowd to be so close to the action, it generates a purely electric atmosphere because they actually become PART of the action - not just observers of it. And, more importantly for snooker, this actually allows the players to connect with the fans.
Allison from West Yorkshire:
The Crucible at Sheffield has got to be THE best venue for snooker. It starts as soon as you reach Sheffield..you can smell it and feel it, it sends shivers down your spine! Then when you see it...WOW. The sporting greats flash back in your mind as you climb the steps inside to reach the outer auditorium, then as the doors open to the seats it is there in all its glory and it is breathtaking, no words can describe the arena!

Tero Poikonen from Finland:
The ground floor of my house. I’m there against Ronnie, enjoying the warmness of the fireplace and looking at the baize; green as the surrounding forest, and smooth as the surface of the lake next to the house. I’m just about to pot the black and beat the Rocket - then I wake up.


Thanks for your entries into worldsnooker.com's snooker funnies competition, here are the best stories...
13 Jul 2005 14:10:00

The winner is Ardavan Nazari from Tehran in Iran for his amusing tale of his family’s first taste of snooker:

I had a chance to watch the 2005 World Championship live on Eurosport for the first time in my life. I wouldn’t let my parents or my brother watch TV for two weeks.
My father, 60 years old and retired, has never touched a cue and always asked me to watch the news instead of snooker. But after a week, he started to ask questions about the points of colours and the rules.
After the first week of the Championship, I couldn’t stay awake late at night because I was sleepy at work.
Once I woke up at 2am to drink some water. Surprisingly I saw that the TV was on. I found my father watching snooker, and he asked me what a touching ball is!
He also made some Iranian names for the players which best suited them, because he couldn’t remember the English names. For example, he named Peter Ebdon ’fekri’, which means someone who thinks a lot, and ’kachal’ for Ronnie O’Sullivan which means shaved head.
Before the final, my brother started to ask my father some questions about snooker to make fun of him, but he was surprised by the answers. My brother still can’t believe that our father could explain the rule of the touching ball.
Thenceforth, snooker and those magic players became a part of our life.
He wins a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.

And a few more of the best entries:
Dervoigne Thierry from Belgium:
I saw an exhibition with Dennis Taylor where he answered questions from the crowd. He was asked: "Do you think that one day someone will make a robot to play perfect snooker?"
Dennis answered: "We’ve already got one. He’s called Steve Davis."

Bernard Greep from Wigan:
On an instruction video, Steve Davis walked into the corner of the table while strolling around, striking himself in a very sensitive area. To the amusement of the live audience Steve instantly said: “At last, I’ve got a cannon.”
Mark Carrington from Manchester:
One night my club team were playing our league match, and during the first frame our player was using the spider to cue over the pack of reds.
When he had finished his shot, he was lifting the spider off the table and the head fell off the spider and scattered the reds everywhere! You can imagine the laughter!
About ten minutes after this, one of the light bulbs mysteriously fell out on to the table and smashed everywhere! I’ve been playing snooker for 25 years and have never known two occurences like that in the same frame!

kviz 4.jpg

Ten more tricky questions for you in the fourth worldsnooker.com quiz.

04 Jul 2005 10:29:00

The winner will again receive a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.
1. Which player is nicknamed the Pocket Dynamo?/Graeme Dott
2. Steve Davis is a director of which football club?/Leyton Orient
3. Who was the referee for this year's World Championship final?/Eirian Williams
4. Which player is a devotee of Napoleon Hill’s classic motivational book Think and Grow Rich?/Peter Ebdon
5. Name the player pictured/Who knows :-/
6. How many times has Ronnie O'Sullivan won a ranking tournament in Asia?/3 times
7. Which player, during his formative years, was enabled to practise by his grandparents when they knocked down a wall in their flat to instore a full size table?/Stephen Maguire
8. Name the 1985 musical film about snooker starring Phil Daniels and Alun Armstrong/Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire
9. Which player won the snooker gold medal at the 2001 World Games in Japan?/Bjorn Haneveer
10. What nationality is Ken Doherty's wife?/from Australia
E-mail your answers to ivan.hirschowitz@worldsnooker.com, putting ’snooker quiz 4’ in the subject field, or send a postcard to:
Snooker Quiz 4
World Snooker
Ground Floor, Albert House
111-117 Victoria Street
Bristol BS1 6AX
Don’t forget to include your name, address and telephone number. Closing date is Thursday, July 14.

The winner is Hannah Brewerton from Manchester who will receive a pair of tickets to a major tournament in the coming season.

The others with 10/10 were:
Dana Placha from the Czech Republic, Jerome Revillard from France, Lara Briffa from Malta, Kevin Smithers from Wiltshire, Drosou Antonina from Greece, Daisy Vandecaetsbeek from Belgium, Leila Dean from Kent, Steve Wagon from Kent, Katharina Klug from Austria, Tanya Volovelskaya from the Ukraine, Ben Vermeer from the Netherlands, Dave Buck from London and Susan Malthouse from Leeds.

kvíz 3.jpg

It's the third worldsnooker.com quiz - and the right answers

21 Jun 2005 15:41:00
Can you get ten out of ten this time? If so you might win a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.
1. Which player is nicknamed Angles?/Alan McManus
2. Which football team does Jimmy White support?/Chelsea
3. In which year did four Canadians reach the last 16 of the World Championship?/1980
4. ...and can you name those four players?/Cliff Thorburn, Kirk Stevens, Bill Werbeniuk and Jim Wych
5. Name the player pictured/Simon Bedford
6. Which two players have won the most British Open titles?/John Higgins and Stephen Hendry
7. Which top 16 player studied A Level law at school?/Joe Perry
8. The video to which song by The Streets is partly set in a snooker club?/Dry Your Eyes
9. What were the breaks made by Shaun Murphy in the last two frames of the 2005 World Championship final?/97 and 83
10. Stephen Lee is the father of two twin boys...what are their names?/Ronnie and Alfie

The winner, who will receive a pair of tickets to a choice of tournaments during the 2005/06 season, up to and including the quarter-final stage is Susan Malthouse from Leeds.

Worldsnooker.com readers have voted Stephen Hendry as the greatest snooker player of all time...just!

13 Jun 2005 11:55:00
In our top ten challenge we asked you to name your list of the sport’s greatest ever players. Hendry topped the list in 21 entries, followed closely by Ronnie O’Sullivan with 20. Steve Davis, Joe Davis, John Higgins, Mark Williams and Paul Hunter were each voted No 1 once.

The winning entrant, who receives a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season, was Andrew McMahon from Essex. His top ten is:

1 Stephen Hendry
2 Joe Davis
3 Ronnie O’Sullivan
4 Steve Davis
5 Ray Reardon
6 Alex Higgins
7 John Pulman
8 John Spencer
9 Fred Davis
10 Jimmy White

And he says:

Stephen Hendry has achieved more than any other snooker player in history. Regardless of statistics, he has played consistently at a level which would previously be thought impossible. Furthermore, he has laid down the benchmark for quality which makes the modern era the most exciting in the sport’s history.
Thanks for all of your entries, here are a few more:
Chris Koidl from the Netherlands:
1 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2 Stephen Hendry
3 Steve Davis
4 Paul Hunter
5 Matthew Stevens
6 John Higgins
7 Jimmy White
8 Stephen Maguire
9 Shaun Murphy
10 Peter Ebdon
Although Ronnie is not the most consistent player, he certainly plays with passion and a human touch. On his better days he plays the game with inspiration, precision and dedication like no one else. He is one of the players who gives the game it’s unique character.
Stephen Meadows from London:
1 Stephen Hendry
2 Steve Davis
3 Ray Reardon
4 Alex Higgins
5 Cliff Thorburn
6 Jimmy White
7 Mark Williams
8 Ronnie O’Sullivan
9 Dennis Taylor
10 John Parrott
To be defined as the "greatest" in any sport, it is not enough to have outstanding natural talent. This talent must be translated into victories at the highest level. This, in turn, demonstrates the presence of supreme mental strength. Hendry possess each of these traits but with something extra - longevity.

Damien Harris from Northern Ireland:
1 Stephen Hendry
2 Steve Davis
3 Ray Reardon
4 Joe Davis
5 Alex Higgins
6 Ronnie O’Sullivan
7 Terry Griffiths
8 John Higgins
9 John Spencer
10 Mark Williams
Seven times world champion. The greatest ever! Everything that could be done Hendry has done it. He has broken most records and invented new ones. He is with out any doubt the greatest snooker player EVER! Forget natural talent, he’s got winning talent. The greatest in history.
Hannah Brewerton from Manchester:
1 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2 Stephen Hendry
3 Steve Davis
4 Ray Reardon
5 Joe Davis
6 Alex Higgins
7 Jimmy White
8 John Spencer
9 Mark Willliams
10 John Higgins
When watching Ronnie play, sometimes it’s like watching perfection in action, and you don’t get that very often. He’s very charismatic and has a lot of flair. Although he hasn’t won as much as Hendry or Davis, considering his personal problems he has achieved just as much. Plus, he’s gorgeous!
Tracy Thomas from Denbighshire:
1 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2 Mark Williams
3 Stephen Hendry
4 Paul Hunter
5 Matthew Stevens
6 Alan McManus
7 Quinten Hann
8 Ryan Day
9 Neil Robertson
10 Ali Carter
Ronnie O’Sullivan is the best player of all time because he is...accomplished, ablaze, bright, charismatic, dazzling, distinctive, flashy, gleaming, glittering, glitzy, glossy, glowing, incandescent, intense, lambent, lucent, luminous, lustrous, radiant, refulgent, resplendent, ritzy, scintillating, showy, sparkling, vivid, celebrated, eminent, excellent, exceptional, exquisite, glorious, illustrious, magnificent and outstanding!

Thanks for all of your entries to worldsnooker.com's first caption competition. And the winner is..

27 May 2005 09:50:00

John: "Ronnie, 10-3 against John Higgins. Seven is quite a margin of victory, you don't see that very often!"

Ronnie: "When do Arsenal play Everton?"
Well done to Alan Hobson of Stoke for his cheeky reference to Ronnie O'Sullivan's favourite team Arsenal hammering John Parrott's beloved Everton 7-0.

He wins a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season. Keep an eye out for our next caption competition next week

Ronnie a Parrot - soutěž1.jpg

Questions and answers to first worldsnooker.com’s quiz

25.5. – 3.6.2005

1. Which player is nicknamed 'The Outlaw'?/ Joe Swail is the Outlaw
2. What was the venue for last season's Malta Cup?/ The Malta Cup was staged at the Hilton Conference Centre in Portomaso
3. Who is the current world amateur champion?/ Mark Allen is the current world amateur champion
4. Why was April 3 a happy day for Chen Xi Juan and Ding Wenjun?/ April 3 was a happy day for Chen Xi Juan and Ding Wenjun because their son Ding Junhui won the China Open on that day
5. Can you name the player pictured?/ The player pictured is Lee Walker
6. Which three world under-21 champions have gone on to win the professional world title?/ The three world under-21 champions who have gone on to win the professional world title are Ken Doherty, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Peter Ebdon
7. How many left-handed players are there in the official top 16 for the 2005/06 season?/ There are three left-handed players in the top 16: Jimmy White, Mark Williams and Ian McCulloch
8. Which football team does Ricky Walden support?/ Ricky Walden supports Liverpool FC
9. John Higgins and his wife Denise have two boys...what are their names?/ John Higgins and his wife have boys named Pierce and Oliver
10. Exactly how old (to the day) was Judd Trump when he became the youngest player to compile a competitive 147 break?/ Judd Trump made his record 147 maximum at the age of 14 years, 208 days

Congratulations to Ivelin Yuriev Ivanov from Bulgaria, who wins a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.

quiz 1.jpg

Questions and answers to second worldsnooker.com’s quiz

6.6. – 17.6.2005

Once again, the winner will receive a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.

1. What is Michael Holt’s nickname?/ Michael Holt is nicknamed the Hitman
2. Who is the current ladies world champion?/ The current ladies world champion is Reanne Evans
3. In which city in India was snooker invented?/ Snooker was invented in Jubbulpore
4. Which player once hosted a radio show called Interesting Soul?/ Steve Davis hosted a radio show called Interesting Soul
5. Name the player pictured/ The player pictured is Jin Long
6. How many breaks over 146 were made in professional snooker last season?/ Four breaks over 146 were made in professional snooker last season: 147s from John Higgins, David Gray and Mark Williams and a 148 from Jamie Burnett
7. Which player won his first match in nearly a year last October after suffering from a super virus which nearly ended his career?/ The player who suffered from a super virus which nearly ended his career was Robin Hull
8. What is the correct diameter (within 1mm) of a standard snooker ball?/ The correct diameter of a standard snooker ball is 52.5mm
9. Which professional golfer owns the snooker table on which Ronnie O’Sullivan won the 2004 Embassy World Championship?/ The professional golfer who owns the 2004 Embassy World Championship table is Ian Poulter
10. Stephen Hendry and wife Mandy have two boys...what are their names?/ Stephen Hendry's boys are called Blaine and Carter
Well done to David Foster from Stoke-on-Trent who wins a pair of tickets to a major tournament next season.

quiz 2.jpg



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