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Q&A: Matthew Selt

The world No 67 from Romford, Ronnie O'Sullivan's chief practice partner, takes the hot seat.

How would you sum up last season?

Pretty good. I won about ten matches and only lost one first round match. I was a bit unlucky not to finish in the top 64.

What was the highlight?

I had a good run to the third round of the UK Championship qualifiers, including a 9-8 win from 8-6 down against Liu Song. I was also pleased to win my first match in the World qualifiers - I had a tough draw against Robert Stephen but I pummelled him 10-3.

And the low point?

Losing to Rod Lawler in the next round of the World. Also losing 5-4 to David Gilbert in the Grand Prix qualifiers third round. I had a good chance at 4-4.

You start next season 61st provisionally, do you feel you can push on from there?

Definitely. It's been quite slow progress in my career so far but if I keep winning ten matches a season then I will move up. I'm 24 years old now so it's time I was getting up there, and I wouldn't be playing any more if I didn't think I could do it.

So what would you do if you didn't play snooker?

I've never really done anything else but I have got something set up now in case snooker didn't work out. I'd work with my sister who is a property lawyer in Chelmsford.

What are your targets for next season?

To get into the top 64 would be the minimum, but I'd like to get into the top 48. I think the longer matches suit me so doing well in the big tournaments again will help. I'd like to get to more venues but I'm not that bothered, the main thing is just winning matches.

Who are your practice partners?

I was the only player to practise with Ronnie O'Sullivan last season, and I also play with Joe Perry, Liu Song, Neil Robertson, Stuart Bingham and Mark Davis.

What's Ronnie like in practice? Have you learned a lot from him?

He's one of the few players who is worse in practice than he is on TV. He needs the adrenaline of tournaments to get him going, otherwise sometimes he loses motivation. I have learned a lot from him but I would say the most influential player on me has been Joe Perry, because he's always focussed in practice and treats it like a job.

Is there anything you want to change or improve in your game?

My winning percentage! I think my shot selection could be better so that's something I'm working on.

What are you up to this summer?

I'm going out to Thailand for a holiday and possibly playing in a tournament there. Otherwise I've been playing golf and tennis or going to the gym. My golf handicap is six and I play with Stuart Bingham, but he's a bandit, he should be off one or two. We went to play with John Parrott which was a good laugh. I'm not great at tennis but it's good exercise.

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