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I'm Ronnie O'Sullivan and I'm the snooker World Champion.

Ever thought of taking up this brilliant game?
Perhaps you've already dabbled a little bit and you fancy getting a whole load better?
Well check out my masterclasses and you'll be banging in the century breaks before you can say "chalk my cue"!

I'm going to pass on a few tips on the most important part of any snooker player's armoury - the grip.

Watch my masterclass (under the article)

I prefer to keep the flat of the cue pointing to the ceiling.
This helps me to hit straight through the ball for a good strike.
Don't hold the cue too tightly, but don't hold it too loose either.
This will help you open the back of the hand to generate the power for the shot.
And hopefully you'll be racking up those century breaks in no time!

The position of your legs and your balance is crucial to playing good snooker.

Watch my masterclass (under the article)

You may be the greatest potter in the world, you may be the most amazing safety player in the universe!
But if your feet and legs are in the wrong place you'll be wobbling all over the place!
And if you're wobbling, your arms will wobble and the balls will not go where you want them to!
So check out my masterclass and get on that baize!

We've already seen how you grip the cue properly and improving your stance.
Now we'll look at the hand you place on the table - this is known as the bridge hand.

Watch my masterclass (under the article)

Try to keep your hand as central as you can, making sure that you can feel the cloth underneath your fingers.
You can then decide whether you want to screw the ball back by keeping the bridge hand flat, or follow through by elevating this hand slightly.
Hopefully you'll be making that cue ball dance to your tune in no time!

It's time to look at the cueing action so get yourself into position.

Watch my masterclass (under the article)

Forget about the cue now, it's all about what we do.
Keep completely still with your arm over the cue.
Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry - the greatest players in the game - have always demonstrated this perfectly.
When you are striking the cue ball the elbow with which you are holding the cue should be in a direct line with the cue.
Don't let your elbow fall away outside the line of the cue, or tucking it in closer to your body.
This is the best way to ensure that you hit the ball straight and positive consistently.

We've looked at the grip, the stance, the bridge hand and the cue action.
Now we come to the final part of the lesson - sighting.

Watch my masterclass (under the article)

When you get down on the table, keep flicking between the white and the object ball.
It's just flickering with the eyes, your body should be perfectly still.
The last thing you want to do is look at the object ball.
It's all about keeping your body movement to a minimum and the whole action smooth.
Go on, get out on that baize and put everything that I've shown you together!

Grip - youtube

Position of legs - youtube

Bridge hand - youtube

Cue action - youtube

Sighting - youtube



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