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Dragonstars Eventmanagement: Rumours are that you have been running to a serious level, is this true?

Ronnie O'Sullivan: I really still run for enjoyment, although before I started to spend more time with the kids this summer, I got a little bit addicted to a strict training regime, and managed to get down to around 34 minutes for the 10 KM. But you can get over-involved, and it also takes it out of your body.

Who is the most difficult opponent on tour?

I said before the World Championships that John Higgins would be my choice of the Champion, if I were not to win it again, and it was a good choice.
He has the temperament, the A and B game, and has bottle. He proved that during most of last season. He's a tough cookie!

What did you think of the Rocket hits Hamm event last year which you won?

The venue reminded me of Goffs in Ireland, and I couldn't believe the atmosphere. It was great to see a full house of people enjoying their snooker.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the venues at Berlin and Munich. Hopefully they will also be full, and the guys can put on a good show!

What have you got planned for the summer?

Nothing really planned, I'm going to spend more time with my family. My two children are only young and it's an important time for us all.

Thanks for the interview, Ronnie.



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22. 7. Magdaléna

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27.11.-9.12. UK Championship

10.-16.12. Scotish Open

Northern Ireland Trophy 2008


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