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Snooker stars set to compete in Championship
December 18, 2008

CHAMPIONSHIP League Snooker returns in January and features some of the biggest names in the sport.

Seven-time World Champion Stephen Hendry, arguably the best player to have ever picked up a cue, is included in the first group, along with 2008 Premier League Snooker runner-up Mark Selby.

The Championship League Snooker will again be streamed exclusively live on a number of betting websites and there is a huge incentive for all the players as the winner will qualify for the 2009 Premier League Snooker.

Group 1, which will be held on Monday, January 5 and Tuesday, January 6, also features a further two players who competed in the 2008 Premier league with semi-finalist Joe Perry and Ding Junhui, who came fifth, among the seven.

The rest of the opening group is made up of 2005 World Champion Shaun Murphy, Ryan Day, who, before this week's UK Championship was third in the provisional rankings, and 2008 World Championship runner-up Ali Carter.

Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn was expecting another thrilling competition said: "Championship League Snooker was a wonderful success for everyone involved in 2008.

"It was great to see Joe Perry win through to claim a coveted spot in the Premier League Snooker, the game’s biggest invitational event.

"For our partners Perform, they were delighted with the response from bookmakers, especially with so many new accounts and website traffic from all over the world.

"The event is here to stay and the new competition will be intense when Championship League Snooker 2 is held from January to March 2009."

Ross MacEacharn, Managing Director of and Betting, added: "The success of the 2008 Championship League Snooker illustrates how far the Internet has come as a medium for live sports distribution.

"We know our bookmaker partners were delighted with the uptake and that the players saw great value in the format of the event.

"We’ve made some further changes to the timing of the event to ensure it works even better for our partners.”

Championship League Snooker - Crondon Park Golf Club, Stock, Essex
Group 1 - Ali Carter, Ryan Day, Ding Junhui, Stephen Hendry, Shaun Murphy, Joe Perry, Mark Selby.

Monday, January 5 (all times are approximate times)
11am - Joe Perry v Ryan Day - 2-2, Mark Selby v Ali Carter - 2-2
12pm - Shaun Murphy v Stephen Hendry - 2-2, Ding Junhui v Joe Perry - 3-1
Not before 2pm - Ryan Day v Mark Selby - 1-3, Ali Carter v Shaun Murphy - 2-2
3pm - Stephen Hendry v Ding Junhui - 1-3, Joe Perry v Mark Selby - 1-3
Not before 6.30pm - Ryan Day v Ali Carter - 2-2, Shaun Murphy v Ding Junhui - 1-3
7.30pm - Mark Selby v Ding Junhui - 2-2, Stephen Hendry v Ali Carter - 2-2

Tuesday, January 6
11am - Joe Perry v Stephen Hendry - 2-2, Ryan Day v Shaun Murphy - 1-3
12pm - Ali Carter v Ding Junhui - 1-3, Mark Selby v Stephen Hendry - 1-3
Not before 2pm - Joe Perry v Shaun Murphy - 4-0, Ryan Day v Ding Junhui - 1-3
3pm - Ryan Day v Stephen Hendry - 3-1, Mark Selby v Shaun Murphy - 2-2
4pm - Joe Perry v Ali Carter - 2-2
Not before 6.30pm - Play-offs (Ding Junhui v Ali Carter - 2-3 and Mark Selby v Joe Perry - 3-0)
7.30pm - Final - Mark Selby x Ali Carter - 3-1.

All matches in the league phase are played over four frames. The play-offs and final are the first to 3.

The Championship League Snooker consists of eight groups. Seven regular groups and then a winners' group fetaures the seven previous successful players.

In groups one to six, the winner of the final will advance to the winners' group. The loser in the final, the two losing semi-finalist and the player finishing fifth in the league will advance into the next group. They will then be joined by three new players for the next group.

Group two will played on Wednesday, January 7 and Thursday, January 8. The three new players are Mark Allen, Peter Ebdon and Mark Williams + Stephen Hendry, Joe Perry, Ding Junhui and Ali Carter.
Wednesday, January 7
Ali Carter x Ding Junhui - 1-3
Stephen Hendry x Joe Perry 1-3
Peter Ebdon x Mark Allen - 1-3
Ali Carter x Mark Williams - 3-1
Ding Junhui x Joe Perry - 3-1
Stephen Hendry x Mark Allen - 3-1
Peter Ebdon x Mark Williams - 1-3
Ali Carter x Joe Perry - 3-1
Ding Junhui x Stephen Hendry - 4-0
Mark Allen x Mark Wiliams - 2-2
Joe Perry x Mark Williams - 2-2
Peter Ebdon x Stephen Hendry - 1-3

Thursday, January 8
11am: Ali Carter v Peter Ebdon - 3-1, Ding Junhui v Mark Allen - 2-2
12.15pm: Stephen Hendry v Mark Williams - 2-2, Joe Perry v Peter Ebdon - 3-1
Not before 2pm: Ali Carter v Mark Allen - 1-3, Ding Junhui v Mark Williams - 2-2
3.15pm: Joe Perry v Mark Allen - 2-2
4.30pm: Ding Junhui v Peter Ebdon - 3-1, Ali Carter v Stephen Hendry - 3-1
Not before 6.30pm: Play-offs (Ding Junhui v Joe Perry - 1-3 and Ali Carter v Mark Allen - 1-3)
7.30pm: Final - Mark Allen x Joe Perry - 3-2

The bookmakers that will be screening the Championship League Snooker are Bet 365, Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power (Ireland only), Skybet, Sportingbet and IBC.

Group 3 - Monday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 10
Mark Williams
Ali Carter
Ding Junhui
Joe Perry
Neil Robertson
John Higgins
Barry Hawkins

Monday, February 9
Ding Junhui 3-1 Joe Perry
John Higgins 1-3 Neil Robertson
Ali Carter 2-2 Ding Junhui
Neil Robertson 2-2 Barry Hawkins
Ali Carter 2-2 Mark Williams
Joe Perry 2-2 Barry Hawkins
Mark Williams 2-2 John Higgins
Joe Perry 2-2 Ali Carter
Ding Junhui 1-3 Mark Williams
Ali Carter 3-1 Barry Hawkins
John Higgins 1-3 Barry Hawkins
Neil Robertson 2-2 Mark Williams

Tuesday, February 10
Joe Perry 3-1 Neil Robertson
Mark Williams 3-1 Barry Hawkins
Joe Perry 2-2 John Higgins
Ding Junhui 0-4 Neil Robertson
Ding Junhui 2-2 John Higgins
Ali Carter 1-3 Neil Robertson
Ding Junhui 1-3 Barry Hawkins
Ali Carter 1-3 John Higgins
Joe Perry 2-2 Mark Williams

Neil Robertson x Joe Perry - 1-3
Mark Williams x Barry Hawkins - 3-1

Joe Perry x Mark Williams - 3-0

Group 4 - Wednesday, February 11 and Thursday, February 12
Dave Harold
Stuart Bingham
Jamie Cope
John Higgins
Neil Robertson
Barry Hawkins
Mark Williams

Mark Williams 2-2 Neil Robertson
Barry Hawkins 1-3 John Higgins
Dave Harold 0-4 Stuart Bingham
Jamie Cope 3-1 Mark Williams
Neil Robertson 0-4 Barry Hawkins
John Higgins 4-0 Dave Harold
Stuart Bingham 1-3 Jamie Cope
Mark Williams 1-3 Barry Hawkins
Neil Robertson 0-4 John Higgins
Dave Harold 2-2 Jamie Cope
Stuart Bingham 2-2 John Higgins
Barry Hawkins 0-4 Jamie Cope

Mark Williams 3-1 Stuart Bingham
John Higgins 2-2 Jamie Cope
Mark Williams 3-1 Dave Harold
Neil Robertson 1-3 Stuart Bingham
Neil Robertson 4-0 Dave Harold
Barry Hawkins 2-2 Stuart Bingham
Neil Robertson 2-2 Jamie Cope
Barry Hawkins 2-2 Dave Harold
Mark Williams 2-2 John Higgins

John Higgins x Barry Hawkins - 3-2
Jamie Cope x Stuart Bingham - 1-3

Stuart Bingham x John Higgins - 3-1

Group 5 - Monday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 3
Matthew Stevens
Ken Doherty
Mark King
Mark Williams
Jamie Cope
Barry Hawkins
John Higgins

Monday 2 March
John Higgins 1-3 Jamie Cope
Barry Hawkins 1-3 Mark Williams
Mark King 2-2 Matthew Stevens
Ken Doherty 1-3 John Higgins
Jamie Cope 2-2 Barry Hawkins
Mark Williams 1-3 Mark King
Matthew Stevens 1-3 Ken Doherty
John Higgins 1-3 Barry Hawkins
Jamie Cope 3-1 Mark Williams
Mark King 2-2 Ken Doherty
Barry Hawkins 0-4 Ken Doherty
Matthew Stevens 3-1 Mark Williams

Tuesday 3 March
John Higgins 2-2 Matthew Stevens
Jamie Cope 2-2 Mark King
Mark Williams 2-2 Ken Doherty
Barry Hawkins 2-2 Matthew Stevens
John Higgins 3-1 Mark King
Jamie Cope 2-2 Ken Doherty
Barry Hawkins 1-3 Mark King
Jamie Cope 2-2 Matthew Stevens
John Higgins 3-1 Mark Williams

Play Offs
Ken Doherty v John Higgins - 3-2
Mark King v Jamie Cope - 3-0

Final - Mark King x Ken Doherty - 3-1

Group 6 - Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5
Steve Davis
Graeme Dott
Joe Swail
Matthew Stevens
Jamie Cope
John Higgins
Ken Doherty

Wednesday, 4 March 2009
Ken Doherty 1-3 Jamie Cope
John Higgins 3-1 Joe Swail
Matthew Stevens 2-2 Graeme Dott
Steve Davis 3-1 Ken Doherty
Jamie Cope 1-3 John Higgins
Joe Swail 3-1 Matthew Stevens
Graeme Dott 1-3 Steve Davis
Ken Doherty 2-2 John Higgins
Jamie Cope 3-1 Joe Swail
Matthew Stevens 2-2 Steve Davis
John Higgins 2-2 Steve Davis
Graeme Dott 2-2 Joe Swail

Thursday, 5 March 2009
Ken Doherty 3-1 Graeme Dott
Jamie Cope 0-4 Matthew Stevens
Joe Swail 1-3 Steve Davis
John Higgins 3-1 Graeme Dott
Ken Doherty 2-2 Matthew Stevens
Jamie Cope 1-3 Steve Davis
Jamie Cope 0-4 Graeme Dott
John Higgins 1-3 Matthew Stevens
Ken Doherty 1-3 Joe Swail

Play off
Steve Davis x Joe Swail - 3-1
John Higgins x Matthew Stevens - 3-1

final - John Higgins x Steve Davis - 3-0

Group 7 - Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24
Ricky Walden
Judd Trump
Liang Wenbo
Graeme Dott
Joe Swail
Matthew Stevens
Steve Davis

Monday 23rd March
Steve Davis 3-1 Matthew Stevens
Joe Swail 2-2 Graeme Dott
Ricky Walden 3-1 Liang Wenbo
Judd Trump 0-4 Steve Davis

Not Before 2.00pm
Matthew Stevens 3-1 Joe Swail
Graeme Dott 1-3 Ricky Walden
Liang Wenbo 1-3 Judd Trump
Steve Davis 1-3 Joe Swail

Not Before 6.00pm
Matthew Stevens 0-4 Graeme Dott
Ricky Walden 1-3 Judd Trump
Joe Swail 1-3 Judd Trump
Liang Wenbo 2-2 Graeme Dott

Tuesday 24th March
Steve Davis 4-0 Liang Wenbo
Matthew Stevens 0-4 Ricky Walden
Graeme Dott 1-3 Judd Trump
Joe Swail 2-2 Liang Wenbo

Not Before 2.00pm
Steve Davis 2-2 Ricky Walden
Matthew Stevens 1-3 Judd Trump
Joe Swail 1-3 Ricky Walden
Matthew Stevens v2-2 Liang Wenbo
Steve Davis 2-2 Graeme Dott

Not Before 6.30pm
Judd Trump x Graeme Dott - 3-0
Steve Davis x Ricky Walden - 2-3
Judd Trump x Ricky Walden - 3-2

Group 8 - winners - Wednesday, March 23 and Thursday, March 26
Mark Selby
Mark Allen
Joe Perry
Stuart Bingham
Mark King
John Higgins
Judd Trump

11:00 Joe Perry 2-2 Stuart Bingham
11:00 Mark Selby 3-1 Mark Allen
12:30 Judd Trump 1-3 Mark Selby
12:30 Mark King 1-3 John Higgins
14:00 Mark Allen 1-3 Joe Perry
14:00 Stuart Bingham 3-1 Mark King
15:30 John Higgins 2-2 Judd Trump
15:30 Mark Selby 1-3 Joe Perry
18:00 Mark Allen 2-2 Stuart Bingham
18:00 Mark King 1-3 Judd Trump
19:30 Joe Perry 1-3 Judd Trump
19:30 John Higgins 1-3 Stuart Bingham

Thursday, March 26
Table One
11am: Mark Selby 3-1 John Higgins.
12.15pm: Stuart Bingham 2-2 Judd Trump.
Not before 2pm: Mark Selby 4-0 Mark King.
4.30pm: Mark Allen 0-4 John Higgins.
Not before 6.30pm: Play-off - Mark Selby x Joe Perry - 3-2
7.45pm: Final - Judd Trump x Mark Selby - 3-2

Table Two
11am: Mark Allen 3-1 Mark King.
12.15pm: Joe Perry 2-2 John Higgins.
Not before 2pm: Mark Allen 2-2 Judd Trump.
3.15pm: Joe Perry 2-2 Mark King.
4.30pm: Mark Selby 3-1 Stuart Bingham.
Not before 6.30pm: Play-off - Judd Trump x Stuart Bingham - 3-2



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